Thursday, March 31, 2005

Papay's girl

He's the guy who made me the spoiled girl that i am. From him, i got my aesthetic gene (which could have made me a very good looking boy, if ever), which does not escape those who gaze at us whenever we're together. He always make sure i had a ride to and from wherever i am going because he knows, despite my spectacular sense of direction which i inherited from him, i easily get lost when commuting and my asthma attacks midway thru my trips. I would love to claim i got even an ounce of his creativity when it comes to business, but i still have to work on that. He tried to give me everything that i want, which is a tough act to follow for guys that crossed my path. Some people say i got some sort of template when it comes to the men in my life, but when they see my pop, they'll know why. If i only end up with a guy half as decent as my father is, i would be set for life. I never fall asleep when his hands are on the wheel, conversations with him are more satisfying than a few uncomfortable zzzz's. I'm sure all papa's girl would proudly say their fathers' are the best, but mine is special. For now, i happily relinquish my throne to his apo, Ouie, but i will forever treasure my reign as his little girl. Happy 47th birthday, papa, and though i don't say it as much, i so love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday, Papay! -Ouie 03.31

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

summah anticipation

Masyadong mainit sa Maynila. Two days ago, it registered a simmering 35.8 degrees in the Metro. That explains my boiling temper. It is the perfect excuse to go out of the 'hell' we call home and seek refuge to somewhere where there is turquoise blue sea and fine powdery sand. Am really looking forward to this weekend's trip. It looks like all systems go for us, so this is going to be one of those "these are the moments, these are the times" scenarios in the telenovela that is my life.

Haay, i'd rather be here right now...

galera 05.04

And see this...

galera 05.04

Or maybe here....

anilao 04.05

And be one with this...

anilao 04.04

Soon, lallie, soon...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

did i just have a "bonding" moment?

Beb and i are on our one year and one month anniversary (or monthsary, whatever :)). So per tradition, we celebrated it the best way we knew how, eating! (this is fast becoming a blog about food. welcome to my life...) This time, to shake it up a little we went to Burgoo in Gateway for something new. Well, not really, since the primary reason we decided to go there was because we had coupons. Ang saya! Since beb can't drive (see previous posts), Mang Rudy has to drive us around, and since Jamie, jr's sister, had to pick up some photos at RP and in need of a driver, she went along with us. So there we were, beb with his Grilled Chicken Americana, Jamie with her Calamares and me with my grilled pork chop (hahaha lallie consistent ka talaga, kahit saan!) And since we three hadn't had breakfast, we manage to clean off the plates till the last crumb. The dishwasher couldn't be more thankful. And guess what? The manager, after one hearty complimentary meal, handed us more coupons! Hahaha, with my crystal ball, i can see more Burgoo trips in the future.


After our "last supper" session, we dropped beb off at Makati for his 2 pm class. This, of course, made me a tad bit antsy coz i haven't spent that much time alone with Jamie. But, sooner or later, i will, right? So after knowing we had to wait 30 minutes for the pictures to get printed, we decided to just look around the mall and window shop. Leave it to two girls, whom connected by mere fate because of a single person, she coz of her bro and me coz of my bf, to bond over clothes. We were a couple of clothes freak so half an hour went by like that because we drooled over apparel our "baons" couldn't accomodate. There were small talks about school, orgs and friends here and there, and i can't really say there was much effort there. Takes time for me to warm up to anybody, but Jamie really made it easy for me, being the people person that she is (kaya nga memcom head eh). If ever you get to read this, thanks Jamie, had a really nice time!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Macy, my cousin's (Ate Madel) daughter, celebrated her first birthday today. So we went to the far land of Novaliches to attend the kid's shindig. She had guests who are a few years ahead of her entertained by a couple of clowns. Creepy clowns. I hate clowns.
And oh, the baby. Paeonia Macy. She's as cute as a button. She's so fragile im afraid to carry her coz i might break her. And she's not used to so many people, so she felt like crying the entire time. That severely decreses by baby handling capabilities, so i had to pass.

happy birthday,Macy! 03.27

Another reason for tolerating the long drive to what seems to be the outskirts of NCR was to see my Uncle Mario, the celebrant's lolo. It was also his Thanksgiving party, continously recovering from a very concerning stroke, something which is not an alien illness to my family. Most of my family members who have long been gone have passed away due to stroke, mainly attributed to our love of food. In my papa's words to uncle, "Sinisingil na tayo sa pagpapasarap natin." Still under therapy, Uncle Mario depends on his feeding tube, and had just regained his speaking voice so it is one steady uphill climb. As i entered his room, which was then filled with relatives from our side of the family, his blood pressure was being monitored by Ate Beth, my cousin/doctor. Apparently, within a few moments it spiked up. The excitement of seeing people he wasn't expecting to come (especially considering it was practically the province!) caused it to rise above normal. Relex uncle, we came here to see you well, not make you more ill. Haay, I sure hope to God he gets well soon. Just lost an uncle a little over a year ago, and i don't want another to go. His family needs him. Kaya pa yan, Uncle noh?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

it's a small world after all.

Shopped til i dropped today. Well, at least, as much as my savings would permit me. Beb, whose driving privileges are still under negotiation, and i headed to the mall --- again. I had to buy some stuff for a trip with my girls which has been long overdue and me so excited about it. Let's not note down every last thing i bought for fear of buyer's remorse. Let's just say, vengeance (for the slave that i was the week that passed) is mine, harharhar. To put all of this in perspective, this was my first time, in a very long time, to shop once again in places where there are cash registers. I have been a loyal patron of tiangges all around the metro and the mall, for me, was just a building that housed cinemas and restos. Since realizing that tiangges, as far as clothes are concerned, only cater to people who obviously do not eat, or have serious eating disorders, i decided to flipflop for a while and go the other way --- heading to the nearest mall. It's quality over quantity for the time being, or so i hope. Bags and shoes are still much cuter in tiangges so im not revoking my membership in tiangges anytime soon.
And yeah, beb can't drive right? Well, with our luck, his dad and mom caught us in the mall. On our ride going to RP, he casually said that his mom was looking to buy something at Rustan's. Knowing fully well that there is a Rustan's branch at RP, i jokingly suggested to the chance of bumping with his folks in that mall. Nag dilang anghel na naman ako. Grabe, the look on his dad's face. Put one and one together, and let's just say i got worried with jr on his way home. Poor boy. So much for cookie points.

Friday, March 25, 2005

good friday grubbin'.

Holy week for my family is an event. No, we don't usually go for out-of-town trips to the beach or to some place cold. Eversince, my family has been engaged with businesses that doesn't allow for long vacations. The word rest only brings meaning on days where there's really no work to be done, which account for only eight days in a year--- Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Year's, Jan 2, All Saints' Day, All Souls Day, and tadaaah, Good Friday and Black Saturday. Saturdays and Sundays are only weekdays that begin with 'S'. So as the rest of the country go Boracay, Galera, or Palawan (--- what have you) to bask in the sun, my family goes to our only refuge --- food and sleep! We, like most other Filipinos, celebrate life with food, but as beb puts it, we do it in a way that can put any family to shame. Beb, unfortunately, was the willing victim this year, so he tried his best to keep up with us, but alas, he failed me. He downed inihaw na bisugo (missed those guys), birthday noodles, tapang kabayo (no meat, no meat ka dyan, sige nga point out where it is in the Bible and i'll puke out every last bite of meat i had.), crab and corn soup from scratch (not one of those instant knorr soups, convenient but not as delicious), fried daing na bangus, crabs, chopsuey and a whole assortment of dimsum and dumplings on Maundy Thursday. He was practically dizzy afterwhich. Good Friday came and he, although still stuffed to his nose from yesterday feast, tried to dig in with the spread that included fish steak, chicken sopas, fried tilapia, fried chicken, stir fried veggies and all the talaba you can eat. O, did i fail to mention that my family has a bottomless halohalo tradition during Good Friday? Find the biggest bowl you can carry, customize your halo halo with all the sweet goodies available, top it with your favorite ice cream and try, with all your might, to swallow every last bite on top of everything you ate from lunch, which was just, at least, a good hour ago. Beb, the newbie, had dips for everything he can accomodate in the humongous bowl given to him by my aunt. Goodluck. Being the veteran of many halohalo sessions, i chose wisely, picking a bowl that is proportional to what's left of my appetite, and just filling it with everything small and easy to chew, skipping the ice cream. Being a family with a strong matriarchal hold and with the second and third generations populated by mostly girls, my uncles and male cousins always regarded these events as "initiation rites" for men risking their stomach to 'enter' the clan. After finishing this feat worthy of the Guiness' notice, if you're an invitee, consider yourself one of the family. You've just passed your baptism of fire. Now, sleep it off like the rest of us.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

night of the gorgeous Lazarus(es)

To drain myself of boredom, i agreed to meet up with maebz and just at the rob to go bowling. Well, i underestimated the distance from the station to the mall, so i regretted having paced my walk that fast. I looked more like practicing for an alay-lakad than leisurely bringing myself to the mall to have fun night with mah girls. Needless to say, bowling was already out of the question. Hello world, i am so unfit! Luckily, booze was available, so as the sc president and the glee club member bowled their way to the olympics (hehehe), i indulged myself with a bottle of San mig light accompanied by a way tough platter of calamares. After neighbor-bowlers bashing (which can be pretty risky considering we were a little tipsy), we headed off to watch, for lack of a better choice, Vin Diesel's The Pacifier. I say to Vin (if ever by the slightest chance in the universe, you came about this marvelous -harhar- blog of mine), you would have been better off making the sequel of XXX than making this damn movie. You are an eye candy. You do not have a flair for comedy. Stick with brusko, action packed flicks. We like it that way.

bad...very... really... 03.23

From a terribly tragic thing to a wonderful surprise... we saw lili and odette at the mall! Lili, the girl with face of an oriental porcelain doll with a siren's voice to match, who we thought have been swallowed by the earth, is actually alive. Still as pretty and demure as ever, she is always a delight to see. Odette, whom we met as they were waiting for their table at Max's, is with Ate Ann and his oh so cute little boy. We also finally met Jake, Odette's boyfriend. What a lucky guy, having a girlfriend who's way prettier inside than what you can visibly admire on her outside. Haay, me so lucky, had gotten to hang out with these beautiful people during one of the best times of my life. See, i have the best taste in friends! Kind, smart and beautiful. As they say, birds of the same feather.... are of the same birds. HAHAHA! Hindi sa pagbubuhat ng bangko, but you know how it goes...

nene days...senior year 2000

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

working for myself...

...literally! My helper asked for almost a week off this Holy week, so im left to fend for my own little store... all by my lonesome self! I'm still 'managing' (no pun intended) the place, but it gets tiring day after day. Having to wake up at 5 am isn't really that difficult, but having to wait till noon to close the store down can get boring especially when your suki(s) arrive 30 minutes apart form each other. Good thing, i have a good book (Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage) to tie me down and keep my sane. Talk about multitasking (which after college, without habitual practice, can really be rusty), i'm my own seller, kargador, and accountant rolled into one. Im my own Am-girl (derived from the term Amboy---Amo na, boy pa. hehehe.) Haaay, oki lang at least i get to justify my 'therapy' i will be coming back to with a vengance at the end of the week. Am i turning to be one of those people who live for the weekend? Uh-oh...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

note to self.

Be grateful! Not all people are as lucky as you are. Learn to appreciate what you have. It only takes a blink of an eye for everything you know and everything you have to go or change. As much as you are the same person to everyone who sees you everyday, you know inside it's far from the truth. Everyday you change, and as each day comes, you are becoming a different person. If you are making a life for yourself, you are not the same person you were yesterday. Stop being cruel to yourself. Learn to love yourself now, and love the life you live today. Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow is another you. Live. Learn. Love. Easier said than done.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

if i knew then what i know now.

i'm feeling less loved today. yes, it's my fault. i should've kept my big mouth shut. i should've learn to suck it in and never fail to understand. But it's already out there, i can't take it back. So i just have to face up to it. I don't think things will ever be the same again. I've let it all out the bag, and now it's killing me. If only i could press some rewind button somewhere and just start from whenever all things were ok again. If only i was less stupid, less neurotic, less passive aggressive...if only. I know i don't deserve forgiveness, not at this time, not soon, but i hope i can look at those eyes again and be home again.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Kulet, on her 20th.

Kulet celebrated her 20th birthday on the 16th. I was teasing Mama all day, telling her she's old already, having "lost" her last teenager. Es-em to those who know her, she's the youngest of three girls (i'm the middle child, which figures, don't you think?) and probably have the least drama of all of us. She was never high maintenance like my ate and never in perpetual need of medical attention (physically and mentally harharhar) like me. She is the happy-go-lucky, not the academic type but nevertheless talented bunso of the family. She can dance like the best of them, and draw like it's the only way she can express herself. She has friends from the day she was born that never left her side, and making more is her forte. She is never pretentious, what you see is what you get type of girl. She's street smart and confident. She burps, and farts and can be spectacularly wa-poise most of the time, but she's probably the sincerest person i know. With her i share one of my most honest relationships. We have our trying moments, like most sisters do, but after 10 minutes of yelling at each other's face, followed by an hour just being out of each other's face, we manage to make one hirit that erases every hurtful word exchanged. We laugh at all things, funny or just plain silly. We get frustrated with the same things. We jokingly thought we would be roommates for the rest of our lives, since we've been sharing rooms since forever, but that changed when we moved here. However, we still check on each other before we sleep and try to wake each other up for breakfast. She's my sister, and although not really said out loud, a very treasured friend. And on her 20th birthday, as she blew on her candles, and i wish her all the best things life has to offer. And knowing her, it's all in the bag.

happy birthday, kulet! 03.16

drug addict.

Everything hurts right now --- my head, my tummy, my tonsils. This has been my lamentation for the past four days. The pain had been so painful the first day I was crying my eyes out hoping each wail reduces the pain. It was really excruciating. Luckily, it doesn't hurt much now as it did the past days, but i can't still feel something throbbing in my head. Sabi ni mama, the shocked of the accident we met a few days ago caused all of these, well at least the headache and the tonsils. Oh did i mention i had a fever? It was really bad, so bad i ended up being curled up all day, speaking in this im-so-weak tone nobody understands. I had to miss a function i was planning to attend to for the past week. Too bad for me. Oh well, i'll just wait for "next time".

summer and makeshift pools.

Ouie finally enjoyed her pool! Mama had her put on this electric pink swimsuit, while Kulet and i set up her pool at the patio (because it was covered). She was so excited she went in with the water just falling right by her ankle. You should have seen her face, she was so disappointed it was so shallow, then looking at me she said "di pwede swimming". Aww! Then I told her to she step off and hold onto the sides til it was half way full. She stepped in and a smile grew on her face. See beb, it was worth our sweldo (",)

gusto kong magswimming... 03.16

Monday, March 14, 2005

heard that!

Finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, finally! Another one of those mystery thriller reads, with a religious twist. Like the author's more well-known book, it tackles apparent conspiracies within the Church and its antagonists. This time, he takes you to the insides of the Holy City, which is pretty fascinating since never has it in almost 14 years of my Catholic education had its inner workings been mentioned. Of course, when reading it, you have to sift through the facts and fictitious segments of the book. Quite a challenge because Dan Brown really has a knack to intertwine both elements in a way where the reader doesn't know where truths ends and imagination begins. There are nuggets of wisdom hidden here and there, and some are quite honest, almost too obvious. Here's one of my favorites...

On Divine Intervention:
"...gurus call it higher consciousness. Biologists call it super-sentience...And
Christians call it answered prayer.... Sometimes divine revelation simply
means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows."
- Dan Brown, "Angels and Demons"

Caused me a lot of sleepless nights... 03.14

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I don't believe in superstitions but...

... it's the 13th and beb and i met an accident. We were driving along the main road near my house when we hit a PUJ filled with kids. We didn't know why it happened, but fortunately nobody got seriously hurt. Beb's car got massively wrecked, and its bumper has nearly torn off the car, but the PUJ had no scratches (what a surprise) at all. Three of the kids bumped their heads on the jeep's back handles, but it was nothing serious. I still had to rush them to the hospital to have them x-ray-ed just to make sure, while beb went to the precint to file a report. Luckily his dad know some people so everything got done immediately. Beb got a slight bruise on his knee and i'm still nursing a big headache which i didn't feel at all yesterday (maybe, the initial shock of what happened saved me the pain yesterday). The police even joked that maybe beb and i should be the ones in the hospital and not the kids. I'm just thankful everything turned out ok and the trouble went away quickly. Of course, i tried to hold my tears when i saw beb at the police station, to no avail, but he just calmingly assured me it was an accident and it was nobody's fault. Basta you're ok, I'm ok. Makes me love him even more.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

drink wine when winging it.

There are no plans after Hitch so we decided to go home. But on the way to the beb's car, an old familiar sound came from the general direction of 6750. 'Lo and behold, they were playing there, who knew (we're starting to think they're following us). We've always been inclines to old school jazzy/blues genre, Lolo Romy and the gang are masters of their game. So we decided to drop by Quisine to watch Acoustic Jive. Well, more of listen to them, since a huge column was blocking our view, but nonetheless, their sound still makes us feel our innate groove. The place is what i commonly refer to as froufrou, which in my dictionary isn't the most comfortable of all places. Flocked by people almost thrice our age, we definitely stood out like sore thumbs. But seeing Tony Boy Locsin made me giggly. I adore distinguished gentlemen. Him and Rafael Alunan. hahaha. We also drank wine, very sideways hahaha. Beb gladly treated us with a bottle since he closed a nice deal with a generous cut.Thanks beb. You're the best!

wine with friends... now that's a first 03.11

lemme see those dance moves...

after conquering my fear of public transportation, i rode the metro trains to meet up with my girls at glorietta to have a little dinner and catch a flick. Of course, i was so scared i can still feel my knees wobbling at Ayala station. Luckily, i only have to traverse urbania halfway alone coz Tessa was meeting me up at LRT Blum (I would have been lost without you girl. Huge thanks.) So we met up with the others - Mae, Just and Reggie - at Food Choices to grab some Ice Monster goodies. Then we're off to Yellow Cab which is a very horrowing experience since we saw a rat the size of Araneta Coliseum. Waahhh, it was balancing on the beams directly above our pizza. We gave out controlled screams which made a little commotion in the store but nonetheless didn't hamper us from eating our 18" Manhattan Meatlovers. I think even if the damn monster dropped directly from the heavens to our table wouldn't stop my hungry friends from devouring the enormous pizza. But still, it made my stomach turn, can't even finish my slice. Then beb showed up, which was a welcomed surprise 'cause i wasn't really expecting to see him that night. He just tagged along with us when we decided to watch "Hitch", Will Smith's latest comedy flick. Now, that was a haha funny movie. We were laughing our heads out, especially when Kevin James' character, Albert, started showing Will Smith (Hitch) those dance moves. Hilarious! My beef is i don't particularly have any sympathy for Will Smith's love interest, Eva Mendes. That girl was too screwed up to end up with Hitch. We were screaming "She doesn't deserve you. Find another girl!", but of course even if we yelled our tonsils out, that wouldn't magically alter the movie's ending. Damn, another one of those, "everything-but-the-ending" movies. Well, the laughs we got definitely compensates. FUN in 16 mm!

Image hosted by
cu-tip, cu-tip, throw it away, throw it away... hehehe 03.11

Friday, March 11, 2005

our little princess

It's Ouie's 3rd birthday! That is such a nice age. You'll be amazed on what new things or new words she learns everyday. We're starting to watch what we say around her coz she's like a naughty sponge, she'll pick up on anything and everything she sees and hears. Right now, she repeats every threat her mother says everytime she throws a tantrum (Ouie: Tawa-tawa ka dyan, gusto mo palo? hehehe funny, really). She dances to whatever song she hears on tv, and the girl can burp. And then she laughs at me since i can't do that (Ouie: Tita Ayie, di kaya). And since she is our resident cake-monster, i bought her a huge chocolate cake, which she never left til it was all finished. It's shocking. Jr and I also gave her one of those inflatable pools so she can dip around whenever she wants to. Too bad, she's a little under the weather now so she can't use it. I hope she gets well soon. Haay, i want to be a kid again...

Image hosted by
she loves her cake! 03.11

Thursday, March 10, 2005

mini pick-me-uppers.

Where will you find an antidote for a weeklong depression? In the mall, of course. So i went with mama, Ouie and my sis to tag along with my aunt to her latest money-burning escapade. Ok, so i don't have that kind of dough to burn, but i owe it to my country to spread a little love, being the good citizen that i am. So i bought some stuff that will hopefully tie me down for a couple of weeks.
I'm so happy...

1. I bought a new book (even though i got six or seven more lying around that still have their plastic wraps on them). It's titled "The Rule of Four" by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason, and it's one of those mystery-thriller reads. I used to be Nancy Drew in my past life.
2. I bought a canister of hair product. Yeah, it takes an extra five minutes to make my hair decent enough so i wouldn't be looking like the wicked witch from the west, but i say it's all good. It's the price i pay for being vain.
3. I bought two bronzers (as if i'm not bronze enough :) ). Ok, aside from being a closet dreamer, im also a closet-vain. I do a lot of things in my closet. hehehe
4. I bought a mini basket to hold all my kikay stuff. I've been buying a lot lately, it's getting out of hand. But they still fit in there, plus there's room left to buy more. hahaha. Something to do come my next wave of depression... kidding!

My "retail therapy" has been really working for me lately. Of course, it's not recommended for the weak of hearts. Warning: May cause buyer's remorse. So shop well if ever you're going to try it. After all, you can't really buy happiness, but you can find a lot of stuff that can make you smile even for just a while. *wink*

Monday, March 07, 2005

be kind to my heart.

Beb and i went to gateway last saturday to catch our weekly flick. I talked him into watching Million Dollar Baby though he really wanted to see Ray, thanks to my very admirable convincing power (or the fact that he doesn't want to argue with me, take your pick). It turned out to be a good choice cause it was really good movie, especially when we take into account that beb didn't sleep throughout the film, which is a very remarkable, if you ask me. The movie makes you laugh and cry at the right moment. Hillary Swank really deserved the Oscar. She was ripped in all the right places, and was really into her moves and you can fake that with make up and body doubles. Clint Eastwood is indeed brilliant, so is Morgan Freeman, so much so that they made on screen small talk a joy to watch (the sock talk was so hilarious). Though i saw how the movie will end midway through the film (it was so pinoy movie-like), it would still pinch anybody's heart seeing each characters resolution, or lack thereof. It is shaping up to be one of my most favorite films of all time. Hey, im not in bad company, all of tinstle town seems to think so.

very deserving 03.06

* * *

Sunday was an adventure for beb and I. On the hunt for the most delectable barbeque in all of Manila, we ended up in the Lung Center of the Philippines. No, not actually in the center, but on Sundays, its grounds cater to a morning flea market for fruit, crafts and food! Wasn't really prepared for shopping so my money was just enough to buy a butcher block. We desperately need a chopping board in the house. The plates are starting to show distress because we're chopping garlic and onions on them (i know, pathetic). Got a fairly average size plank for about 120, a steal (harharhar)! Then, if i wasn't feeling lucky enough, i came upon my destiny... bacon cuapao! As always, they were yummy, in all their arterial-blocking, heart attack-giving goodness. Not only did i buy those they had prepared for those who need their quick fix, i also bought their packed bacon and those cuapaos pack of 10. You see, when i encounter food that i really really like, i would try to stuff myself with those things until i'm sick of them. Then i wouldn't crave for them anymore. Of course this could be in matter of weeks or if it's really to die for, it could take me months. I once got addicted to lechon kawali for about a month. It was oily and greasy and it made me bloat but i didn't care. It was delish, and we were happy together (hehehe, sick me...). So i'll be eating bacon cuapaos this week, so if i gain a little weight, it's all for the love of me (or the bacon). Finally, we finally found what we were looking for. It was Ineng's barbeque, which obviously was well-sought after cause they had a whole army of men doing the bbq-ing, not to mention the long line of people waiting for their take outs. Each stick cost about 25 smackaroos, but it was worth the money with its chunky, really juicy grilled meat (makes you salivate doesn't it?) One serving was big (believe me, i couldn't even finish two). Haay, we were in tastebud heaven...
* * *

I did something drastic yesterday. But it was all worth it...

Saturday, March 05, 2005


I was watching star movies a while ago, and me, myself and irene was on. Picked up this line which made me laugh. It's worth sharing... ang kulet!

"Just because i rock doesn't mean i'm made of stone"
- Jim Carrey, "Me, Myself and Irene"


On a slightly serious note, the book I'm reading now, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, is starting to grow on me. I initially thought it was going to be a very bad spin off of his better known novel, The Da Vinci's code. Yes it dwells partly on the aspect of religion, still have a hint of being sacreligious, but still a good read. One thing with Dan Brown's novel, you got to have a very strong hold on your faith, or you might get into serious confusion. I'm a believer, but i also believe in tolerance. Dan Brown puts it this way...

"Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some of us go to Mecca, some of us study subatomic particles. In the end, we are all just searching for truth, that which is greater for us."

Korek! <--- parang naliligaw tong hirit na to (",)

Friday, March 04, 2005

calling all positive chi.

There are days when you really want to crawl under a rock and hibernate. Then comes those days when dancing with the waves isn't a bad idea at all. There are bad days, and there are good days.
A few things that made this one better than yesterday's...

1. beb and i finally agreed on a date --- no, not that "date"--- for our getaway, him from school, me from what i still refer to as "work". He's still looking around for pocket-friendly packages, but i trust him. Besides, he's the better haggler between the two of us. I still can't shake off my impulsiveness. I can seriously cause bankruptcy if left unsupervised. Good thing is we trimmed it down to Bora or Bohol. Baby steps, beb, baby steps...

2. Still living in a clutter-free room, quite an achievement if you ask me. Cleaned out the "jungle" on wednesday, which means almost three days of being oh-so-neat. I think my O.C.-ness is making a comeback.

3. Caught by a friend online. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang justine. hehehe. Had a very interesting conversation which i will share in my next post, time willing. Let's just say it involves white sand and pusit. Thanks gurl (hehehe) you're my savior. Tama dearie? The things you had to put up with... im really sorry (",)

just (8:28:39 PM): feel any better?
moi (8:28:48 PM): getting by :)
just: (8:29:05 PM): u sure?
moi (8:29:14 PM): yeah, thanks :)
just (8:29:15 PM): skydive tayo
just (8:29:15 PM): great escape yon!
just (8:29:15 PM): hehehe
moi (8:29:20 PM): lika
moi (8:29:37 PM): required ba mag parachute?
just (8:30:18 PM): tara!
just (8:30:18 PM): OO! GAGI KA!!!

* * *

Took a raincheck on a lunchdate with dee and xtf, and a movie date with tessa. As always, will make bawi and will promise to keep that promise. Hugs and kisses.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

In passing.

I have always been a fairly stable person (despite what my blog entries paint me to be hehehe). I do what normal people do. I wake up, eat, do what is expected of me and sleep. To authorities, i have been the poster child for societal conformity. I was never a trouble-maker and can proudly say that i always read the book and followed it to the letter. Yes, i had my share of fun --- partied, drank, flirted, stayed out late, had my "takas" moments --- but never really overdid anything. I am a good girl, regardless of a few friends' resounding objections. Good stable girl.

But admittedly, too much stability takes a toll on me. Then comes those moments when i just want to disappear, to get lost. I just want to get away from it all. I want to run away and forget. Being a good girl isn't necessarily a walk in the park. People have expectations. I try to meet all of them, but human as we all are, I try but it always ends up in vain. Then feeling like the biggest failure to have ever graced the face of the earth, my heart whispers to the wind, pleading to take me anywhere but here. I feel so shaken that i wish that it is the earth grumbling, ready to open up and swallow me whole before i fail again. I wish, and wish, and wish, but when i open my eyes, i'm still here, having no choice but to go on, just left saying to myself, with fervent hope, "Tomorrow's a better day. Lallie, let's keep it happy." Then i just carry myself like life's one great picnic, smile, and be the good stable girl everybody knows me to be. Then you mask it all with a little drama here and there, so whatever it is that drowning you inside would seem just that, drama...

this explains a lot...

When asked, "what dysfunctional care bear at you?", this came out...(kaya pala ako "lapitin"...hahaha)

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mr. Wonder, take it away...

it's amazing how some genius can create something at one era and encapsulate so much magic for it to become timeless. How people from one generation to another can appreciate the same emotions brought about by one old-school song not withstanding the changing world around them. If you ask me what's the latest hit playing on the radio right now, most of the time, i probably wouldn't recognize it, let alone sing along with it, but play me some classics and i'd be singing away (with matching sway-sway of the head hehehe). Magic brings about magic, so listening to brilliance in melody sends me to never-neverland. To others it may be Sinatra, some Ray Charles, but for me, Stevie Wonder's my Peter pan. And yesterday, he brought me to that magical place while singing this song...

For once in my life I have someone who needs me
Someone I've needed so long
For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me
Somehow I know I'll be strong

For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Oooh Someone warm like you
Would make my dream come true

For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it hurt me before
For once, I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore

For once, I can say, this is mine, you can't take it
As long as I know I have love, I can make it
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it hurt me before
For once, I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore

For once, I can say, this is mine, you can't take it
Long as I know I have love, I can make it
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

For once in my life
Yeah Somebody like my
Ooh baby

{beb, i always felt like i never belonged. I was never alone, but i always felt lonely. But now, everytime your fingers find mine, i know loneliness won't be bothering me anymore. So to you, my boyfriend and my bestfriend, happy anniversary. I am one lucky girl.}