Thursday, March 31, 2005

Papay's girl

He's the guy who made me the spoiled girl that i am. From him, i got my aesthetic gene (which could have made me a very good looking boy, if ever), which does not escape those who gaze at us whenever we're together. He always make sure i had a ride to and from wherever i am going because he knows, despite my spectacular sense of direction which i inherited from him, i easily get lost when commuting and my asthma attacks midway thru my trips. I would love to claim i got even an ounce of his creativity when it comes to business, but i still have to work on that. He tried to give me everything that i want, which is a tough act to follow for guys that crossed my path. Some people say i got some sort of template when it comes to the men in my life, but when they see my pop, they'll know why. If i only end up with a guy half as decent as my father is, i would be set for life. I never fall asleep when his hands are on the wheel, conversations with him are more satisfying than a few uncomfortable zzzz's. I'm sure all papa's girl would proudly say their fathers' are the best, but mine is special. For now, i happily relinquish my throne to his apo, Ouie, but i will forever treasure my reign as his little girl. Happy 47th birthday, papa, and though i don't say it as much, i so love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday, Papay! -Ouie 03.31

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