Sunday, March 13, 2005

I don't believe in superstitions but...

... it's the 13th and beb and i met an accident. We were driving along the main road near my house when we hit a PUJ filled with kids. We didn't know why it happened, but fortunately nobody got seriously hurt. Beb's car got massively wrecked, and its bumper has nearly torn off the car, but the PUJ had no scratches (what a surprise) at all. Three of the kids bumped their heads on the jeep's back handles, but it was nothing serious. I still had to rush them to the hospital to have them x-ray-ed just to make sure, while beb went to the precint to file a report. Luckily his dad know some people so everything got done immediately. Beb got a slight bruise on his knee and i'm still nursing a big headache which i didn't feel at all yesterday (maybe, the initial shock of what happened saved me the pain yesterday). The police even joked that maybe beb and i should be the ones in the hospital and not the kids. I'm just thankful everything turned out ok and the trouble went away quickly. Of course, i tried to hold my tears when i saw beb at the police station, to no avail, but he just calmingly assured me it was an accident and it was nobody's fault. Basta you're ok, I'm ok. Makes me love him even more.

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