Saturday, October 29, 2005

wake me up when october ends...

*my apologies to green day.

ok here's my (hopefully not the final) entry before October ends. These are the moments when i regret not blogging more religiously. It's like i have nothing to show for October, like it has just passed by and have gone without so much as a hello, more like an asshole ex or chocolate donuts in the little hands of my niece. Anyways, i'll just put down what i can remember and this goes in no particular order...

--- yes folks, it's official. I don't know what to do with my hair. I had long straight hair in feb. Got bored with it so i got my hair did (harharhar) in soft waves. About a month ago, i got pissed off with too much fallen hair on my bedroom floor that i (yes me, armed with metal shears. yes, i'm crazy. i think we've established that several months back) cut about ten inches off, giving myself curly locks resting on my shoulders. All beb had to say was "But you love your hair" and that sent me crying and wailing "i know, what did i do?". with half my family thinking i've gone cuckoo, they had me committed to a chair for five hours which gave me back my chemically induced straight short black hair. thank God (and my genes) that i have very forgiving hair. Again, as i always say... My hair is my only vanity.

i'll keep this look for awhile

--- After watching my last movie since forever, beb and i finally caught one. The 40-yr-old virgin was a very much anticipated film for me, because i think steve carell is so hilarious and much more funnier that jim carrey (which i think is the reason they gave him bruce almighty 2). Never laughed so hard in my movie watching history that i did while watching him wax off his chest hair. I was spanking my thigh so hard i think i gave myself black and blues. Grabe, funny. I'm a fan.

--- Ama, who is my Angkong's wife from China, which makes her our stepgrandmother celebrated her 81st birthday on the 22nd (our family is way too much like Mano Po). As per tradition, we donned on red ensembles and trooped to a chinese restaurant equipped with chinese karaoke (ok, so the last part wasn't traditionally done, but heck it was fun). I've never realized there were so much grand-grand kids already. Damn, our family's getting big. It's like rugrats, only cuter, which makes for good entertainment especially when they all start singing especially for you in their own made up lyrics. Haay pop culture, they got them hooked up young.

red kung red...10.22

---Feeling like im the worst friend that ever walked the face of the earth (damn you, work), I hauled my big behind down to malate last night hours after my self imposed curfew to see my friend Ai who's off to Dubai by the 2nd of November. I also got the chance to catch up with several other very close and very missed friends who i wanted hugs from. There was Just, who for the life of me, gave me directions to the Penguin place that ended with "tayo ka lang sa labas, sisigawan ka namin", maebz who had one scandalous encounter with the rp guard just because she's blessed with eternal youthful good looks (come on dude, is it her fault?), the apparition of Ivy, who has a goddess body (yihaa, diyosa ang dating, nagmimilagro), who gave her much missed repertoire of chismis with big hand gestures, and the ever so gorgeous yeng who had an accessory named Dale who now that i think of it looked like paolo abrera (tama ba yeng? ngayon ko lang naisip, cute). We lounged on comfy sofas and had our dose on the usual lowdowns --- who's pregnant, who got who pregnant (naloka ako), who's slaving where and who's blessed enough not to slave on anything anywhere. Saya, really missed this stuff and most especially these girls. Don't ask me how it ended. Just that i wasn't that used to wearing heels anymore and it was very painful, im telling you... why me?

we'll miss you ai!

moments before i eskapo -ed

--- Beb and I are on our year and eight month mark now, and all i have to say is im happy. I love you beb, mostest.

mga walang magawa

---Work? One word. Ngarag.