Monday, August 20, 2007

Quickie PG

Liempo feast, Room service-d. Nap til sunset. The beach. Strong pounding waves. Watermelon, cherry and mint hookah in the room. Later still, Hookah and Tequila at the beach. Four shooting stars. Salt and Limes. Boys, bitches, work, not working, life. Dolphin sightings. A lil indiscretion on the beach, a lil rise on our blood alcohol level. Great company. Quickie trip, but well worth it. Ahhh, the life.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Bi polar (panda) bear.

O pagkatapos ng emo, pangkilig naman.

Manic kung manic.

Press play!

Sweetness right? Straight from HK yan. When we were shopping inside the Giordano stores there, (and there were a lot of them. Parang mini-stop lang ata ang Giordano dun) this record was played in every store. So the audiophile in me got riled up. Got these from imeem. Too bad, no downloads allowed. Somebody, please share. Or better yet, buy me the cd. I'll pay. Or consider it a birthday gift. Pre-gift gift. (Potek! uso hahaha) Good find. Ay no. Great find.

O here's another one, cuteness...


Thursday, August 09, 2007

I love TP!

I am a happy fan!!!

So I've been addicted to Tristan Prettyman's music since I've first laid ears on "The Kiss" some time ago. It's practically my personal national anthem. Now, I've sing any of her songs by heart. Yes, even her cover of Britney Spears' Toxic. I've never appreciated Toxic ever, not since I heard TP (naks, TP! close haha) covered it. May sense pala yung kanta, minus the gyrating Britney in crystal-studded body suit. Akalain mo.

So, being a fan, I'm a frequent visitor of her myspace site. If I have a blinking online icon in Myspace, most probably I'm there to look at her site. You could imagine my delight when I read that she's gonna be in Singapore later this year. I swear, my heart skipped a beat. Then it beat twice faster. Palpitations ito.

So i decided to write her, to ask for her SG tour dates. Ay nagpaka-fan talaga ako. I did not even try to hide it. I love her music. I love her. And I let her know how awesome she is and that she's one of my goddess. Ay ganung level talaga.

And you could just imagine how my heart wanted to leap out of my chest when I saw this on gmail.

I was so excited to read it. May nginig factor pa yung daliri ko.

Too bad, I was late by several months. Pero hopefully, she'll come by near here for her new record. I am so excited. As long as there's a budget carrier flying to wherever she is here within South East Asia, literally through hell and high waters, I will fly. In a heartbeat.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You get one shot in life.

There are things we should do more of in life...

Hk '07.

Macau '07

Take more plane rides.


Take more boat rides.

Take more train ridesHappiest train on earth.

And any exhilirating rides in between.

Appreciate God's other creatures.
Pang national geographic.

Especially the cute ones.
Sarap maging panda.

Take humor in signs. Follow them.
Motto in life. hehe.

Or disregard them altogether.
Or follow your heart?...

Take more pictures....of yourself.

Tikoy na tikoy.

Be a kid once in a while.

Make a fool out of yourself.

Conjure more fantasies.
Paul McCartney, Marry me.

Malayo ang tingin, wala namang tinatanaw. Hehe.

Fall in love.Ay talaga namang ito ang sa fall in love eh. hahaha.

Test your limits.

Challenge yourself.

Then, just let go. Just jump.

Win, no matter what. No regrets.

More on HK and Macau here.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Papa's girl

Mark, Es-em and I were in the car on our way to church. Es-em, Kulet to me, started talking.

Kulet: Ate, may ikikwento ako sayo

Me: Ano yun?
Kulet: Nung isang araw, nung wala ka, nagpunta kaming San La, eh bumili si mama ng magazine sa booksale. So dumaan kami dun. Mayamaya humihingi ng pera si papa.

Me: Sabi ko kay mama lagyan nya ng pera yung wallet ni papa para hindi nya kailangan manghingi. Aanhin nya daw yung pera?

Kulet: Bibili daw syang Archie comics. Iuuwi nya daw sayo. Gusto mo daw kasi yun.

He still have days like that. Eversince he had his stroke, he still have days when he lives in the past. I last held an Archie comic book, a childhood addiction, when I was 12. Twelve years later, I find two thin back-issue Archie digest magazines, tucked inside my work bag, the one he knows I take to the office.

I'm crying a river right now. I couldn't ask for more.