Saturday, March 12, 2005

lemme see those dance moves...

after conquering my fear of public transportation, i rode the metro trains to meet up with my girls at glorietta to have a little dinner and catch a flick. Of course, i was so scared i can still feel my knees wobbling at Ayala station. Luckily, i only have to traverse urbania halfway alone coz Tessa was meeting me up at LRT Blum (I would have been lost without you girl. Huge thanks.) So we met up with the others - Mae, Just and Reggie - at Food Choices to grab some Ice Monster goodies. Then we're off to Yellow Cab which is a very horrowing experience since we saw a rat the size of Araneta Coliseum. Waahhh, it was balancing on the beams directly above our pizza. We gave out controlled screams which made a little commotion in the store but nonetheless didn't hamper us from eating our 18" Manhattan Meatlovers. I think even if the damn monster dropped directly from the heavens to our table wouldn't stop my hungry friends from devouring the enormous pizza. But still, it made my stomach turn, can't even finish my slice. Then beb showed up, which was a welcomed surprise 'cause i wasn't really expecting to see him that night. He just tagged along with us when we decided to watch "Hitch", Will Smith's latest comedy flick. Now, that was a haha funny movie. We were laughing our heads out, especially when Kevin James' character, Albert, started showing Will Smith (Hitch) those dance moves. Hilarious! My beef is i don't particularly have any sympathy for Will Smith's love interest, Eva Mendes. That girl was too screwed up to end up with Hitch. We were screaming "She doesn't deserve you. Find another girl!", but of course even if we yelled our tonsils out, that wouldn't magically alter the movie's ending. Damn, another one of those, "everything-but-the-ending" movies. Well, the laughs we got definitely compensates. FUN in 16 mm!

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cu-tip, cu-tip, throw it away, throw it away... hehehe 03.11

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