Friday, October 27, 2006

Deal or no deal.

Two down, and since beb made me promise to postpone getting the third one, looks like would be my last toy ... for now... *evil laugh*

So one thursday afternoon, with beb and I in our roughing-it-please-do-not-holdup-us ensembles, we went to Quiapo at the famed Hidalgo St. We had no celebrity-level moolahs ala the former Braniston, who had his and hers Benzes, so we opted for what suits our budget, his and hers digital cameras. Hahaha. Nakikilevel kami. Pero kapos. Hehehe.

We went for the Canon ixus 65, which as of last price point check at Avant, GB3 still costs around Php 24,500. Since we had nothing of that sort to spare, the bargain queen in me rose and found us a steal. Hidalgo St. houses the best bargain in the Metro for cameras, and with a little email haggling taken cared of by me, coupled by phone intimidation and cutesy persistent begging by beb, we emerged from Henry's and Quiapo altogether, safe and unscathed, with two ixus 65's at 14.5k each. Bwahaha. That 10k less hit from the debit card. Take that profit-monger stores. Needless to say we were happy. Me particularly. Madugong bisyo ito. Hahaha.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wow Philippines moment.

Taking advantage of Tuesday's day off, me and my aunt decided to hunt for a place for the family to spend the holidays in. First stop, PG. Originally we thought t'was a great idea. But halfway through the hour-and-a half boat ride, we decided that ending the year traversing Amihan waters between Batangas and Mindoro with 60 family members on a single outrigger was the stuff serious nightmares and bad plotted teleseryes are made off. So after we reached the still beautiful and inviting shores of Galera, we just had breakfast, and took some pictures, while waiting for the next boat back to the mainland.

With still half a day to abuse, my aunt had this nagging feeling to go to a resort well "promoted" by my uncle. Eagle point was this diver's find nestled along the coast of Anilao. Ok, i've be
en to Anilao once, the roads were hell, but the view and the waters were priceless, and since work waiting in Manila wasn't attractive, we headed off to Mabini to see the place.

The road to Eagle point was still hell, coupled with the unfathomable and well
hidden signs, the place was a burden to go to if you just intend to just leisurely lie and toast your skin for three days. But because Uncle kept pointing out the hellish trip was well worth it, we obliged.

So an hour after leaving Batangas port, with patches on single passable lanes along the way, we arrived at eagle's point parking area. A shuttle was taking us down the resort cause visitors wouldn't risk the drive down. At this point, the boat ride t
o Galera seemed a little less scary, but we were there already so to heck with it, we were up for one more adventure. After several screams down the cliff road death traps, this view welcomed us. To say that my camera phone didn't do the view justice was an obscene understatement. I swear it was another one of those rare times that I said to myself, "May ganito pala sa Pilipinas."
Eagle point is a short three hours away from Manila without any scary boat rides. It has its own freaking white sand island. One of its pools has a live shark in it. You can just jump off one of its piers and a dive point rests there. It is a panoramic orgasm, seriously. Safe to say, we were totally sold, my aunt practically wrote a check. Now, I'm just crossing my fingers, everything follows through and hope Christmas comes at a blink of an eye. Can't wait to spend it with the wacky clan in paradise.

Monday, October 23, 2006

White soap bar.

When you wish and pray hard enough, it'll happen. Sabi ko na, walang sinabi ang Globe. Malakas ako kay Lord.

Looks like i cashed in my bday card early. This apparated on my desk early Monday morning. Yup, that's season three of Grey's anatomy on my spanking new 80 gig white ipod vid. Minus the serious damage to my debit card.

Oh, happy day talaga. Can't stress enough on how grateful I am. Super thanks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Room With a View

There are some days when you feel like can go through concrete walls, like you're some super human with super powers. Then you realize, like countless times before, you're not and you start bleeding all over. You look down to see new wounds only to find old ones ripped open, the ones you thought have healed, those that made you think you can go through walls again.

The thing is, it isn't a shocker. It happened so many times before it starts to feel normal. Bleeding old wounds starts feeling normal. You can't help but walk through walls. Because no matter how stupid as it may seem and how painful it might get, walking through walls is still a much better option than walking right by it. At least you know who'll help you fix your wounds and make everything better again. Til another one of those days.


At the end of a very crappy day, it's nice to have cheerleaders who you know will always be on your team no matter how much you bitch over and over again of the crappiest day you ever had ...again.

Thanks J. I know how it's easier for you to just laugh at my face and say "Payback's a bitch", since you have every right to do so. But you didn't, instead you pat me in my back and say tomorrow's another day. You believe i can top the stupid thing i did with even more stupid things. You're a good man dude.

Salamat P. When you asked me what was wrong, out of the blue, without me even telling you something was wrong, that you can just feel it, heck, that was something. Minsan talaga, i sincerely doubt why you share DNA with your brother, but when you start making hirits like "Pinagpapawisan ang itlog at kilikili ko sayo" i become a believer. You crack me up. I have that reaction to most Apostols. But i love you, man. Minsan, medyo oversharing ka lang, nasaskandalo ako. Hahaha.

And thanks beb. When you told me you love me more than you love life itself, it's a little OA, maybe even a little cheesy, but you know, I believe you. Mangkika.

When it comes to life's battles, i've got my own chubby private army. I may not win all the time, but who says getting bear hugs after you lost isn't a win itself. Hehehe. Beat that.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reality check.

Beb bought me an ipod.

He bought it 'cause it reminded him of me. He braved a weekday rush hour traffic in Makati, went past his house in QC to bring the ipod to me in Navotas, then offered to take me home to Malabon. The ipod was pink, crumbly and edible. He brought me an edible ipod on a stick. All the way from Makati. On a weekday. Without so much of an occasion. Just to see me smile.

How did I get this lucky?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


There are no issues to face nor avoid, no rationalizations to be made, no actions to do or undo.

And since I'm ok with my blog's lay out, my room is O.C.-level clean and I can't do something with my hair, at least for five more months, lilibangin ko na lang sarili ko. Feel free to ponder with me. Of all the questions that was asked of me today, this one's a toughie, "Ang crabstick ba considered crab pa rin? Kung oo, edi ang crabstick seafood pa rin?"

Yup, i've got no issues.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Team Addison

I love technology!

Grey's anatomy is my crack this year, and reading the episode guide three episodes in of season 3 practically turns my flesh and bones wobbly as jello. I didn't know blurbs can do that to me until they hinted that not only McDreamy and McVet will be gracing their yummy presence on the series but now McSteamy's gonna be in the mix. Oh.My.Gawd. Yey for Team Addison!

And since their regularly updated website has the tragedy of showing its latest full episode online for viewers in US territory only, i, the addict that i am, knew there was a loophole. There's always a kink in the system. Two days after they aired the first episode of the present season, someone, bless his/her/its soul, generously posted the whole ep chopped up on youtube. But heck, damn copyright laws, Disney had a whiff and demanded it be pulled out. Do I, the addict, give up? Ummm, no, and since limewire has been my friend for several years now, i know Limey will pull through for me. And yes, i have now watched, screamed, gone giggly over all three episodes of the current season.

I LOVE Technology!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lust fart

I just want to get this out of my system. Hindi ako makapag sulat eh. Nadidistract ako. I-address ko lang, baka matahimik nang konti.

I want this.

And this.
And ha, hindi or.
Mukhang may naaamoy akong madugong birthday ah. I need to drop some hints and start some serious blood-letting drive, or else i may find myself all dried up at 24. Ang pangit.

Sumakay pa talaga to.
Lust. Lust. Dream on. Lust.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

There's goes another artery

I swear i thought t'was going to be a night-out from hell.

I couldn't really blame it on the usual "unplanned/spontaneous" gimiks like we used to have back in the good 'ol days. Work/boyfriends kinda screwed that route. Actually, this was more on the overly planned gimik, three weeks in the making. And in our kada's extensive "labas tayo tonight" experience, severely thought-out plans usually don't go as planned.

Ok, night out break down. After work, 6-ish for most of us, we all head our own ways to gateway, then catch a flick and have dinner, not particularly in that order. Six-ish come, I, with half my lungs working (damn you asthma) text techie if she needed a ride to gateway, me being conviniently in Makati already (yup, even asthma couldn't keep me at home). Ka-Tam kicked in, a Greenbelt-Gateway debate slightly ensued, but we sticked it out with Gateway. Tessa was about to equip Amorsolo with smoke detectors, but i was picking her up anyway. Then our designated pahtey planner, itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Yeng, came to work late and was forced to work over time, pushing the sked further into the night. Hello, half my lung isn't working kaya. Then the girl did the unthinkable, she, the one who (forgive the conyo-ness) made kulit for several weeks to go out, actually double-booked us with her boyf's night-out with his respective kada. Ay Yeng, pasaway ka, kung di lang kita mahal, nagkapatayan na tayo sa gateway.

So scrapping movie plans, we just decided to have dinner at the predesignated place. T'was this little heaven beb and i discovered in Cubao --- Butter Diner. The fact that we were hungry and it took us short of an hour to order says a lot on the excruciating choice not to indulge in gluttony and order everything ungodly in the menu. Talagang parang bibitayin na kami bukas at papipiliin kami ng last meal. But it wasn't disappointing at all. All my hype paid off. Yeng, the FHP prez, toasted our bread and burned Dale's (galit ba? hahaha), Techie hogged the strawberry butter and Maebz can now be found on Sundays worshipping their Mozarella omelette. We enjoyed everything to the last bite, save for the peanut-butter butter. Anak ng... peanut-butter butter, the name is warning enough. Pero it was a tiny glitch on an almost perfect meal. A few more years eating like this and probably we'll never get to see our thirties (woohoo! hahaha) . Pamatay meal, in more ways than one.

Well, will you look at that, turned out to be a great night after all.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I sooooo knew it. Marky Mark rules!

After a long movie drought for me and beb, primarily caused by the very traumatic "My Super ex-girlfriend", compounded by weeks of flicks not worthy of your hard earned money, beb and i had our movie fix. And whatta fix it is.

Ok, it's not the Oscar-caliber film season yet. The movie was filled with an obscene amount of A-listers, totally bound to be a major disappointed, to the point that if it did bombed, it wouldn't be a shocker. It's a hollywood adaptation of a Tikoy flick, "Infernal Affairs", and if you'd seen "The Ring" or "The Grudge" being butchered by Lalaland, you'll tend to grow skeptical. It's a Scorsese release, and the package was practically screaming "Gangs of New York" box office tragedy. But this was no Gangs of New York. As Dignam would've put it himself, Hell fucking no.

T'was, first and foremost, a guy flick. And God knows, i love, love, love guy flicks. More so than cheezy chick flicks. The action was intense, not for the faint-hearted. It was super in your face, and if they've made a warner bro.'s ride after it, you'd be covered all over with blood (hopefully made with sweet strawberry syrup hehehe). I practically watched the entire film with one eye, leaving one to healthily function when the movie ends. The language would be make all the nuns in the convent blush, and I'd seriously question any attempt to have it shown in Philippine TV. Gawd, if they had trouble dubbing Casino, imagine having this immaculately cleaned for primetime TV. Waaahhh, nooooo. Please don't. Blasted censorship.

And since i wouldn't know how to further praise the genius that is Scorsese without having damn spoilers, i'll just say that i cried a bucket over what they did to Martin Sheen and again, MARKY MARK rules! (hahaha, spoiler.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Class Act

I'm on the verge of losing my voice. My nose was stuffy. And to top it all off, i'm heartbroken.

Waking up with a massive headache, I called in sick and stayed home the whole of monday. Spent most of the morning sleeping, the afternoon, screaming. After forty minutes of regulation and another 5 spent battling out the remnants of season 69, they won. By two points. A heartbreaker.

But, I couldn't be more prouder to be BLUE! No shame in knowing the boys fought hard, with hearts on the line. Win or lose, it's the school we choose!

Congratulations to the Tigers. It's an ultimate sportsfan delight to watch a classy series played with such worthwhile opponents. Hats off to you guys.

As for the Eagles, there's always the next season. We'll tend to our broken hearts for the mean time and Team Ateneo with its formidable sixth man will be back. With greater hearts, greater passion. We believe!