Monday, March 14, 2005

heard that!

Finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, finally! Another one of those mystery thriller reads, with a religious twist. Like the author's more well-known book, it tackles apparent conspiracies within the Church and its antagonists. This time, he takes you to the insides of the Holy City, which is pretty fascinating since never has it in almost 14 years of my Catholic education had its inner workings been mentioned. Of course, when reading it, you have to sift through the facts and fictitious segments of the book. Quite a challenge because Dan Brown really has a knack to intertwine both elements in a way where the reader doesn't know where truths ends and imagination begins. There are nuggets of wisdom hidden here and there, and some are quite honest, almost too obvious. Here's one of my favorites...

On Divine Intervention:
"...gurus call it higher consciousness. Biologists call it super-sentience...And
Christians call it answered prayer.... Sometimes divine revelation simply
means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows."
- Dan Brown, "Angels and Demons"

Caused me a lot of sleepless nights... 03.14

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