Friday, March 09, 2007

There are friends. And there are best friends...

I know it's way emo, super trivial, and filled with drama I do not need in my life right now, but hell, got to give it props. Hi, I'm Lallie, and I'm addicted to "The Hills". Consider this my public service announcement. Don't watch it. You'll get hooked.

I am so into it that I've already watched season two twice over, and I can't wait to click the dl button for the next episode. I am so into it that I already have a dedicated playlist in my podpie for the tracks I downloaded from the series. I am so into it that last night the super tamad texter in me went into a text binge because seeing friendships deteriorate over a*holes in guises of very toothy-smiled excuses of boys make me appreciate my girlfriends even more. And I want them to know it right at that moment.

As expected, I am not alone.

Over SMS:

Me: I miss you, J!
J (time zones away): Lal! I miss you too!!! What's the matter alligator!? Something wrong?
Me: Wala lang. Was watching the hills, na emo lang ako about friends. Just want you to know you're missed, love you J!
J: Hahaha, what part na ng the hills dyan?! True true! That show makes me miss my bitches/bestfriends!

Yes, I love the show. And I so love my friends. And I hope despite the world changing, we never will. Hugs for everybody!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gift of you. And a whole lotta cheese.

Since there's no February 29 (again) this year, beb and I have been celebrating our anniversary on either Feb 28th or March 1st for the last 2 years and this year's no different. Being more of the receiver (yes, I'm spoiled) in this relationship, I needed a make-up gift for all three years he has been so nice and in love with me despite my occasional moments of 'sapak' (definition of which will be discussed in another post. hehe). My search landed me in Ongpin, and with much asking around and saving up, the gift apparently didn't disappoint.

The boyfriend is as happy as a five year-old kid on Christmas day. Or a deprived 24 year old boyfriend of three years. Just take you pick.

So beb, thanks for the companionship in moments when you'd rather rest and sleep, the food in moments when you'd wished to have the last piece, the patience in moments when it's easier to give up, the love in moments when it's easier to walk away, the friendship in moments when you need to be somewhere else. But there's no somewhere else, there's no giving up, there's no walking away with you and me. There's just moments. And i couldn't feel more blessed. I love you more than ever, more than you'll ever know. 3 years and wishing for a long way to go. To just be.