Monday, July 30, 2007

Champorado Anyone?

Auntie Baby wanted the family for breakfast on her 51st birthday celebration, so we headed to Max's Roxas Boulevard sunday morning. When the lady host inquired how many of us were dining in, the shock became obvious in her face when some 60+ odd persons came in and everybody wanted champorado. I wonder how low would her jaw drop if she knew the clan wasn't even complete yet.

Ate Che, me, Ouie, Kulet, waiting to be seated

Lahat kamag anak ko yan, except yung waiter.

Nakikifamily si beb. Hahaha.

Anyhow, we got the last nine servings, and an assortment of their breakfast meals. My cousins, the brusko ones, had crispy pata, kare kare and Max's fried chicken. Growing boys daw sila. Kumusta naman di ba?

Kuya On, papa, Tito Wawa, waiting for crispy pata

O i pipimp ko na mga pinsan kong gwapo. Any takers?

Our family's getting bigger by the minute. There are babies everywhere and we have another two on the way. Ok lang, basta dumami ang magaganda at gwapo sa mundo, I have no qualms about it, especially if they're related to me. Hehehe.

Ninang Dra. Beth, with Maddox

Pa demure yung tawa ni Ikay.


ReinMacy, shy type.

The little girls.

Happy birthday, Auntie. Thanks for keeping us together. Thanks for everything else too. I love you.

Kulang na kami, daming nag eat and run hahaha.

More pics here.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ayie's favorite subject

Ok, tell me, wouldn't you want one if they are as cute as these girls?

Sam, my showbiz niece

Rein, little Snow White

I could just eat them up! Soooo cute!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls from the (eco) block.

One of the few reasons why Ateneo will always occupy a place in my heart is because of the people I met there. Being a member of the eco/meco club in DS, my former department opened doors of friendship for me worth treasuring even years after stepping foot in my dear ol' Alma Mater. My eco girls were never really party people then, which is probably why I got along with them. Fun for us was waiting in the SEC C benches for pao tsin to open to have our very early morning siomai breakfast, or Shakey's brunch for long breaks or hanging out in front of Escaler while waiting for Math class, even tambay at Ann's place at Burgundy when there's nothing else to do. Of course, there were the occasional group cut of Tito Ciel's class in favor of the mall, but every clique did that in Ateneo. It's practically tradition.

Three years and some odd months after graduation in Ateneo, and here we are a little older, a little wiser, and hell of a lot prettier. I've met up with two of my college crew from my Eco block, and I have never been happier to see them. There was Erlene, my sister from another mother. You know when some people say, the most genuine kind of friendships is when you're both comfortable even in silence. Every time I hear that, this girl from Tiaong always comes to mind. My taga-ampon when my sundo runs late, I can't imagine how I'd go through my first couple of years in ADMU without meeting her. Good thing that after spending a while in Illinois, she decided to go back home and study here. Seeing her again is long overdue.

Soulmate kong si Erlene.

And of course Ces. The girl who could charm his way to every man's heart. Idol talaga. The girl who had the most drama in her college life. Orsem pa lang, panalo na. Ces, too, was very much a konsintidor in my obses...err, harmless admiration. Ces always tried to get me an intro with uhmm... him, but for some reason, I always disappear. Oh well. Unlike Erlene who I haven't seen in forever, Ces and I always bump into each other in Makati, she from work, me from retail therapy. Now a hot mom of a little girl named Halo, but not really looking like it, well, the mom part. She still is hot.

Ces, hot momma

It was a fun night. Dinner at Banana Leaf, with Beb as our official photographer. The paparazzi left us for Timezone when we had our drinks at Masas, and as the Mango Mandarin flowed, so did the stories. Si Ces walang ka kupas kupas. Technically mine was a very old but still very alive issue. Tama si Ces, uso sya. Uso kami. So Erlene, makiuso ka na.

Erlene, at ang mga B.I. Hehehe.

After, we decided to burn the alcohol in our bodies with some dancing at Temple. Yes, Temple. I haven't been in Temple since Tricia's debut. But since I was in good company, I just turned a blind eye to everything that is happening around me and just had body grinding fun with a couple of ol' friends.

Hammered. Masarap ang Mango Mandarin.

Great night altogether. Wishing for more nights like that. No matter what other's say, some people, like us, just don't change. Still love them to bits.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

PR 101

I really admire people who could small talk their way to new relationships with total strangers. I've met a few of these very ma "PR" people and if I could only bottle that skill and horde up, I will. Beb, particularly, can charm his way to everything, oftentimes creating some form of respect with whoever he's having a conversation with in a drop of a hat. Mr. Popularity here assures me that I have very passable people skills, but I still have my doubts. Hey, it's been said that I initially give this taray air off first impressions. But I can assure everybody, I am nice. Once you get over the chinky eyes and the hair, I am super nice.

With that said, I always dread meeting new people. I usually feel like I'm a fish out of water. I get uncomfortable and very wary if I'm giving off fake smile (the ones when you show your teeth but the sides of your eyes don't crinkle). But once I get off the initial hump, meet a person in the crowd I could actually get along with, I'm set. Just like friday's send off party.

Osh, one of beb's friends, is off to Houston for flight school. He had his despedida at their home in Katipunan, and it seems like the whole gang were there. I've met the guys before, also having shared a few hot air balloon festivals with them. But there were a lot of new people, and I started being antsy.

To Osh

Good thing everybody was warm and tolerant, and I never knew you could have that much fun with a bunch of practically strangers. Without booze at that.

Yariboy aka "Boy Motmot"

Kaka, Yari "chick magnet", Sheena

All we had were two dozen 1.5 litre bottles of Coca Cola products, Winston light, Marlboro lights and white flower. Not to mention stories of brain freeze, the Harry Potter Vigil, rockstars, "for showbiz" guys. And it was a complete laugh trip.

Osh, with the Harry Potpot girls, Jen and Kaka

the rockstar and the pogi

Beb bumabangka, with Pete and Osh

Everybody went home at well past 1 am since Osh needs to head off for his 4 am flight. Once in the car, with Beb knowing my apprehensions with new people, I asked him how I did with his friends. Beb, dead tired, said, "Actually 10 pm pa lang gusto ko ng umuwi. Mas nag enjoy ka pa kaysa sa akin". Who would've thunk it?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Indecision 2007.

Somewhere in my archives, I've already declared my obliviousness to signs. It's not that I don't believe in them, it's just that I wouldn't recognize the sign even if it bonks me in the head.


In the middle of a lazy day, I decided to channel my pent up frustration in arranging my very messed up closet. Like I have always done a million times, I open the door casually. Only this time, without doing anything else, the whole panel got unhinged and the plank's corner hit me squarely on the browbone. The screw got cut in half and the whole thing smacked my head. Next thing I knew, blood was dripping from the gash to my eyes. It was painful, but the pain didn't keep my from laughing my ass off. Inappropriate reactions to klutzy situations seems to come by more often lately.

Later, while getting my hair cut at the salon with Tessa and Mae, I shared my little misadventure, to which Mae said, "It's a sign, Lal. Starts with the letter "k"."

And all I can say was, "Kaya hindi na nga nagreklamo. Natawa na lang ako at tinanggap ko na lang. Bring it on."

Look at me. I am actually willing get bruised and broken to keep this thing going, when in the end, i know it'll never be worth it. I don't even know what it's worth in the first place.

When it comes down to this thing, I seriously don't know what I want.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweetest of debts. Haaayy.

It's saturday, and I'm feeling a shift in the wind. A little footsie story told later on in the afternoon confirms the vibes. Yes, the wheels are turning, and the ring is officially on the move.

So what do I do when I'm not sure where things are going and the little control freak in me is about to go nuts? Yup, it's time to get a haircut.

A little shampoo, a few inches off, and three happy clients later and here we are. Primp and ready to go about town.

Birthday rin natin?

Another Harry Potter movie for me, a big helping of long-missed Bacon Mushroom Melt and a ginormous cup of Iced tea lite and we're off to Unplugged. Acoustic Jive, sing our pain. Waaahhh.

We're just in time for the first set, and took our usual table just off the stage. They played three great sets, almost sang the whole of second for us. Actually for yeng, especially this one. Bet you can't find a more fitting song. Swak na swak.

... Sacrifice if you care
Buy her some moonlight to wear
If there's one more star she wants
Go all the way...

(Actually may verse na mas swak, pero, baka may makabasa. Eto na lang medyo safe at harmless. hahaha)

By the way, you know you're regulars when...
... the waiters give you a very knowing smile, as if to say, eto na naman sila, patay na naman ako.
... you know when they've got new sponsors. There weren't coasters then. Bago?
... you notice when they seem to be running out of glassware because all the empty ones are still on your table.
... the vocalist deliberately make hirits like " May birthday sa inyo? Mamaya na kayo. Hanggang alas quatro pa kayo dito eh" at your group.
... and "ngayon lang kitang nakitang lasing. Mula nung 17 pa lang kayo nandito na kayo."
... and they seem to note down your group's lovelife, saying "ah kayo rin pala nagkatuluyan. Nagsasasama ka rin pala dito sa barkada nya. Good luck."

WHY? But we're so much fun. Hahaha. See the pics.

Birthday pa rin ni Yeng!

Para kay Ming
Yeng and Dale. Umayos kayo . Hehehe.

Couple alert ulit.

Uwian na nandito pa rin tayo. Last shot!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday madness

"Wala na. Wala ng kalasan ang Friday group."
- Ate Cathy

My friday was spent with, well... my friday group. It's when my cousins and I go out, pig out and go wherever our aunt feels like going. We aren't really complaining. It's crazy fun. Did I mention it's free too?

Last time, it was an afternoon of massages at the spa, a big, supersized meal at Chili's and Zirkoh afterwards. This friday was filled with Wham burgers and fries during the latest Harry Potter movie, Aristocrat's sinigang (baka, baboy and bangus, I'm not kidding) and Punchline, due to insistent public Aunt's demand.

Here's a rundown of the people I share my friday nights with.

1. Auntie Baby - generous and loving aunt, who spoils us with food, then sends us to gym after.
2. Ate Be - cousins/pseudo-aunt, the only other "adult" in the group.
3. Dra. Beth - became my ninang when she was 12 (I was her first godchild, and I still get gifts from her, even at 24), single, and hell-bent on staying that way.
4. Ate Cathy - banker by day, party goer by night.
5. Ate Pen - cool, calm, collected cousin. Also known to be taray queen when pregnant, which, incidentally she is now.
6. Kuya Perry - Ate Pen's impregnator, err, hubby. Computer geek/rocker.
7. Crystal - youngest among the group, keeper of my secrets, could use to keep a straight face and stop nudging me while the gays are singing "bakit ngayon ka lang". Kung di lang kita mahal, nasakal na kita. Hahaha.
8. Kuya On - life of the pahtey. And since he drinks, it means I can drink too. Mabuhay ka kuya.
9. Me
10. Beb - Nakikifamily. Joke. Actually, feeling ko, mas mahal sya ng pamilya ko kaysa sa akin. Hahaha.

I love them. I love it. Something to look forward to every time.

Kuya On, Ate Pen, Kuya Perry, Moi, Auntie Baby

Kuya On, Intruder of the month. Crystal, Ate Cathy, Moi.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sablay's moment.

A week of "sablut" texting and planning finally paid off. We got her. Yeng looked like he was about to kill Dale when she opened the door with a room full of balloons and friends. She was genuinely surprised.

Ano ba yan, patagilid? Sablay talaga.

After the celebrant's shock wore off, the very hungry party people feasted at Serye. But not before a few Kodak moments. And because Yeng had freakish bruising (hehe) from a post ortho procedure, we worked out the poses.

Shyet, sino yang nasa gitna? Di ko kamukha.

Of course, the party planning had it's share of sablay moments. There were the cocktail-inspired cupcakes who nearly went home with someone named "Tessa Rodriguez". It's either the one who took the order had bad hearing loss, or this is a sign of things to come. Ok, everyone, look at out for some guy who's a Rodriguez. Panalo yung cupcakes if ever. Not only is it yummy, turns out it might even be prophetic. Good luck Tech.

Cuptails! Cake and booze in One!

How many of these can we eat til we get tipsy?

One, two, three... Cheers!

And then, there were the balloons who nearly drove/flew/popped away. The delivery guy got tired of making "lakad-lakad" around eastwood and almost took our balloons home. What he's going to do with half-paid for balloons, I don't know. Good thing a little charm went a long way.

Awww! Pink and green! Bubblegummy!

Take One.
Take Two.Finally.

Dale has got a lot of reading to do that night. Don't worry , Yeng. It's all extremely censored. Your secrets are still safe with us.

Well, not all of them. It's your birthday, after all. Bida ka! Hehehe.

Yeng, sige i-explain mo to

There you go, Yeng. Yesss! Production number! Told you it was going to be a great day. So as my controversial therefore sabotaged balloon message would say...

Happy Birthday
Random text girl!

Umayos ka!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On Loop.

Whenever I ask myself why I allow myself to be in the same damn crazy situation, I tinker with my podpie and take a hit of my most played song. Then, I'm on a high, ready to take another stab at this insane game. It only takes a little to make me happy. This song sends me to bliss.

This afternoon, I let go and found myself swept in a river of a very precious memory. The strong undeniable current carried me somewhere I have long wanted to go, but never before dared to seek. Irrational as it may sound, I do not intend to be a familiar visitor. I'm afraid that my heart might suffer and die from too much elation. Yes, this is a happy day.

Actually, it's so happy it ended in comedy. Fitting.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lost and Found

Last week was a mess of a week. Emotional lows were more poignant, unbearable even. Sad, selfish thoughts ran through my head. In retrospect, I would like to think that I regret even considering it, but I don't. I know I had to go through all that and make my choice. My own choice. I admit it. I almost lost it. Almost.

Yesterday, I had sisig, palabok, and halohalo, all from Razon's. The sky was gloomy, looks like it was about to pour but it did not. It was my kind of weather. I shared the wonderful weather and an equally wonderful meal with beb. Then, because I felt missed and called, beb and I went to mass.

The chapel was overflowing. There we all were, mall goers turned church goers for an hour. We settled on the stone pavement outside the chapel, under gloomy skies. As we stood there among the crowd, while I joined the handful who sung a hymn, I got myself all choked up. Beb held me tight, and, with eyes closed, I said a silent prayer of gratitude.

I give up. I give it all up. Drive me to happiness. Stubborn as I may be, still, You are and will always be my way. I believe.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Me, in pictures

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This is my Confession.

Please don't cast stones on me yet. Just hold off 'til that last punctuation mark. I am coming clean, and I want to be terribly clear about it. Like crystal.

Almost anyone in a three year relationship would surely be with me on this boat. I've tried to block it with whatever force I have in my will but this shitnitz wouldn't leave the fark out of me. It's a nagging feeling I have for almost about a year now. And if writing about it would help me expel this out of my body, by gawd, I will endure the spite from my friends, whom are about to read this and disown me forevermore.

Here it goes (please, God help me) ... I want the happily-ever-after married life. I want to have the husband I will cook breakfast and dinner for. I want to have little ones who look like me and beb running around my little house, messing up our deep brown corduroy couch in the suburbs of quezon city. I want to be the young, hot mom that brings my two beautiful boys (boys talaga eh) to an overpriced prep school in the morning then bake delicious cupcakes the rest of the day. I want my own cute little family to go to church with on Sundays, then buy the tots toys in the mall afterwards. Yup, despite the new age feminism seemingly fed to college-educated women like me, still, I want it all. And it's not like I want it all now. I wanted it all ... yesterday!

The yearning for my own little family, as with everything else crazy in my life, comes in waves. The waves become bigger when I'm around my cousins' precious kids, or whenever I see old friends, now with kids in tow, or even in mundane weekend window shopping in malls. I see them, little happy families, making me want the dream even more. They look very happy. I am drawn to that happiness. The happiness in the possibility of what ifs.

But, whenever I think about that glorious, obscenely priced bag turning into baby formula and diapers, or those party-til-you-drop nights turning into sleepless nights of feeding the baby, or that weekend getaway you know you deserve, with just your friends and the beach, turning into two days of catching up with "quality time" with the kids, I can't help but think twice. Kudos to the moms, and I know a lot and a great deal about some, whom I really admire, but, as luck would have it, I'm still as selfish as hell, and I don't know if I could give all of that up, not just yet.

I want it all. I want it, but I don't know if I'm ready to pay the price. Something has to give and I am not ready for the big trade off. The waves are there, and each time, the swells gets bigger and bigger. But they eventually calm down, and I'm back to my ol' rational, logical, selfish, selfish self. But each time a surge comes, I am comforted with knowing that one day I'll be ready. I'll be prepared and very willing to give all these up. The exchange may be rough but, by then, I'll know it'll make me happy, so much more happy. At the right time. With the right reasons. One day, I'll just know.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Setting the record straight: I STILL have no Balls.

Guy talks are normal, funny blurbs in my life that let me peek in a world I'm glad I'm seldom part of. I will forever be one of the boys. But, I'm not complaining.

Me: Ba't ka walang pera? Siguro may dinidate ka noh?
V: Oo, 18 years old!
Me: Lupet mo, V! Barely legal yan ha! Baka makulong ka nyan.
V: Ok lang yan. Basta may mens pwede na!

Classic! Sanay na sanay na talaga sa akin.

Me: Hoy nakakalimutan mo na naman. Babae ako. Hahaha.
V: Ay oo nga pala. Minsan talaga nakakalimutan ko. Sensya. Hehehe.

Panalong hirit. Sorry, I can't help myself.

Me: At ano naman nakita nya sa yo at nabulag mo ata?
V: Pinakitaan ko ng katawan! Pinakita ko yung mga tinatagong kong muscles.
Me: Anong muscles? Sa binti?


Happy birthday, V! Dadalan kita ng sandwich sa kulungan.

Sidenote, according to another guy, 18 years old is fair game.

Just when you thought somebody's special, they let you down. TYPICAL.
Oh, well...