Saturday, March 26, 2005

it's a small world after all.

Shopped til i dropped today. Well, at least, as much as my savings would permit me. Beb, whose driving privileges are still under negotiation, and i headed to the mall --- again. I had to buy some stuff for a trip with my girls which has been long overdue and me so excited about it. Let's not note down every last thing i bought for fear of buyer's remorse. Let's just say, vengeance (for the slave that i was the week that passed) is mine, harharhar. To put all of this in perspective, this was my first time, in a very long time, to shop once again in places where there are cash registers. I have been a loyal patron of tiangges all around the metro and the mall, for me, was just a building that housed cinemas and restos. Since realizing that tiangges, as far as clothes are concerned, only cater to people who obviously do not eat, or have serious eating disorders, i decided to flipflop for a while and go the other way --- heading to the nearest mall. It's quality over quantity for the time being, or so i hope. Bags and shoes are still much cuter in tiangges so im not revoking my membership in tiangges anytime soon.
And yeah, beb can't drive right? Well, with our luck, his dad and mom caught us in the mall. On our ride going to RP, he casually said that his mom was looking to buy something at Rustan's. Knowing fully well that there is a Rustan's branch at RP, i jokingly suggested to the chance of bumping with his folks in that mall. Nag dilang anghel na naman ako. Grabe, the look on his dad's face. Put one and one together, and let's just say i got worried with jr on his way home. Poor boy. So much for cookie points.

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