Thursday, April 23, 2009

The hall

The hall, originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Wouldn't it be nice to always eat breakfast while staring at an jaw dropping seaside view? And it certainly doesn't hurt if it's in a very sosyal resort.

A girl can get used to this.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Apple and the Tree.

Any sudden change almost always encounter a certain amount of resistance. When I got bitten by a severe strain of the travel bug almost two years ago, that resistance came in the form of my mother. She would demand one week advance notice of any upcoming trips, and would hound me with texts and calls if I didn't come home on the agreed time. And although I would always spend my money and had never bother asking them for help with my 'vice', I would die of guilt with every trip. I would restraint myself with only a trip a month or once in a couple of months. And by the end of the trip, I would empty out my travel budget --- buying them all the pasalubong I could possibly carry.

Strict ang parents ko... dati.

Of course, with time, things got easier. Lately, I can get away with 'notifying' her a friday-weekender the night before the trip itself. I guess she figured, I'm old enough to make my own choices, I earn my own keep and it was way better than blowing my money on drugs or what-have-you. Now, I can travel as if I was running out of time, and would grab any invitation to a new place, to the next adventure. Just as long as she gets a text of my safe arrival and a new ref magnet after every trip, she willingly lets me scratch that travel bug itch.

I understand the initial defiance on Mama's part. I wasn't exactly the healthiest kid growing up. I was the gangly asthmatic kid who spent an obscene amount of my school life in the clinic getting high on the nebulizer. I think for a while I held the record of most number of absences in a given school year. Obviously, I learned to manage my health better now. I'm aware of my limits, and although I keep pushing it, the inhaler is still my BFF. From time to time, I would get asked what has gotten into me, why the sudden urge to travel non-stop. The answer was always "Just because I can.". This morning, an alternative answer came to me.

On the breakfast table...

Me: Grabe, Ma. Tinitingnan namin sa mapa. Nasa Pacific Ocean na pala kami. Daanan nga daw ng bagyo dun. Bawal pumunta pag masama panahon kasi malakas alon.
Mama: Ikaw, kung san san ka nakakarating.

Pa sits on the chair next to mine...

Pa: Ano yun? Ano yun?
Me: Kinukuwento ko kay Mama kung san kami napunta nung weekend.
Pa: Saan ba?
Me: Sa Calaguas. Sa may Daet.
Pa: Aah, Calaguas Island. Nakarating na ako dun.
Ma: Huh? Kailan?
Pa: Nung binata ako. Nagtripping kami.
Me: Ayun naman pala! Sabi ko na, may pinagmanahan talaga ang pagiging gala ko.

So maybe, it wasn't the travel bug at all. It had to be hereditary. It's the travel gene.

Hah! Excuses! :P


Monday, April 20, 2009

Lead the way

Lead the way, originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Midway through our spontaneous roadtrip, we found ourselves in the middle of a busy rotunda. It was a hot and humid sunday noon. The policeman escaped into the shade under the town gazebo, in the company of a newspaper vendor and a napping street cleaner. I looked up and saw this peculiar structure, displaying the wrong time, seemingly misplaced. In a quiet town in the middle of Cebu, famous for their tasteful and sinful pork rinds, the two marbled ladies of Carcar certainly feels out of context. But for five wandering travelers looking for the next stopover, it was a promising sight. At that moment, we need someone to point the way.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Say a little prayer.

Say a little prayer., originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Never burden your heart with unnecessary problems. Life's too short to warrant that. Of course, there will be moments where even the gratuitous can feel drowning. It doesn't hurt to close your eyes and drop to your knees. The heart's little whispers echo in the halls of heaven. Surrender. Believe.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laying Low.

I'm not a mind reader.
But I can read codes.

Of all the people, I'd never thought you'd be the one to break my heart.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

But I want one!

This morning, in another episode of my-so-called-life...

Me: Beb, I think I left my gym keys in your car. Could you please check?
Beb: Ok, wait. I'm at the office. I'll call the house.

A few minutes later...

Beb: It's there. Manang has it already. When do you need it?
Me: Great great. I'm at the gym already. I'll just pick it up after my yoga class.
Beb: Ok. Good. 'Cause I have something at home that I was supposed to give you yesterday, too. I'll have manang give it you with your keys.
Me: Oooh... what is it?
Beb: it's a surprise. I think you'll like it.

...Me: Yey! You finally got me a baby elephant!!!

Beb: Uhmm, no. That's expensive, and a little too big.
Me: Aww shucks. Dang it!


Jump In

Jump In, originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Manila is just too hot for words.
I wish I have this in our backyard.


This is one of the smaller falls of Kawasan, found in Badian, Southern Cebu. My gorgeous friend Eden has gone over the place so many times, and has trekked further than our group on this trip did. I think last time she counted, there are at least 9 falls here.

Next time I visit, I'm going canyoneering. Mark it.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

On their knees.

On their knees., originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there. Ardent trust transcends cloaks and veils or even blind eyes. Sometimes, you need to take it on faith. Sometimes, you just have to believe.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Argao's Pride

Argao's Pride, originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

Located across the well-preserved town hall, Argao Parish church has endured 241 years of existence. Its formidable exteriors is reminiscent of the old churches built during the time of Spanish rule: stone wall, imposing, baroque rococo inspired. It was constructed in 1734, and it took the Augustinian order 34 years of painstaking labor to finish this impressive structure.

It was a quiet Sunday when we arrived at Argao's town center. The men and women of Argao --- the Argawanons --- gather towards their church for the afternoon service. And as the church bells ring, just like every Sunday, the community in unison will say their thanks to God, promise their devotion to our Lady and ask for continuous guidance for the town's patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A date with my girl.

There are only a handful of people in this world I could spill my guts on to without apprehensions. I would tell them animatedly the nasty details of my sordid story, not skipping a beat. I trust them with every blackmail material anyone could ever hold against me because they are tried and tested secret keepers. But most importantly, I would hold nothing back because I know they would always be there to listen, without reservations, more so without an ounce of judgment.

And it was like that last night. It was with one of my favorite persons that I rehashed an old tale we've gone over a million times before --- over ym, over the phone, over miles of ocean and land apart --- but this time, we did it over pizza, cannelloni and roast chicken. I couldn't care less for the ones in the tables next to ours, who probably overheard the dirty particulars of my stale story. Amici was overflowing with families and friends, conversing over familiar italian food, but for me, last night, it was just her and me.

We walked the length of the road to reach the cake place she wanted to revisit. We could have flagged down a cab --- it was a busy major thoroughfare and I am not known for the crossing-the-street skills --- but we were 2 small girls who might have eaten for a family of five. A short 10 minutes after and we reached Fleur de Lys. The walking made enough room for tea, chiffon cake and apple pie.

I probably did all the talking last night. I had questions, of course, but I guess there's time for that. I, also, am not known to ask. If they need me to know, they'd tell. And, as always, I would be there to listen, and like an unspoken oath between cherished old friends, it would be without reservations, without judgment.

I am just glad she's here.


Shine on me.

Shine on me., originally uploaded by ♥Lallie♥.

I've taken a liking (a friend called it an addiction. (",) ) to HDRs lately. Much more so to indoor HDRs. And when I saw this well-preserved treasure in Argao, I had to drop my things right then and there and shoot.

This spacious living area sits on the top floor of Argao's town hall. The stairs leading up to it is crooked and wobbly and cries with every step, Probably standing since the Spanish era, the wooden columns and beams' muted green paint is cracked and chipping in every spot; some even looking naked and bare. It sure has aged, but age gracefully, it did.

The hall was wide, airy and was filled with light. It was sparsely decorated --- a few wooden pieces to sit on on both sides --- which I think is a beautiful thing, because if there is one thing that stands out in this room, it is its wooden floors.

The way that light hit the floor will forever be the reason why I will eternally be hooked on (indoor) HDRs.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not dead...yet.

... And we're up.

So, I missed a year and a half worth of blogging.
Not that the year and a half that's been left unblogged is not worth posting.

Believe me, it was amazing.

I guess I just miss writing.
So let's play catch shall we? (",)