Tuesday, March 29, 2005

did i just have a "bonding" moment?

Beb and i are on our one year and one month anniversary (or monthsary, whatever :)). So per tradition, we celebrated it the best way we knew how, eating! (this is fast becoming a blog about food. welcome to my life...) This time, to shake it up a little we went to Burgoo in Gateway for something new. Well, not really, since the primary reason we decided to go there was because we had coupons. Ang saya! Since beb can't drive (see previous posts), Mang Rudy has to drive us around, and since Jamie, jr's sister, had to pick up some photos at RP and in need of a driver, she went along with us. So there we were, beb with his Grilled Chicken Americana, Jamie with her Calamares and me with my grilled pork chop (hahaha lallie consistent ka talaga, kahit saan!) And since we three hadn't had breakfast, we manage to clean off the plates till the last crumb. The dishwasher couldn't be more thankful. And guess what? The manager, after one hearty complimentary meal, handed us more coupons! Hahaha, with my crystal ball, i can see more Burgoo trips in the future.


After our "last supper" session, we dropped beb off at Makati for his 2 pm class. This, of course, made me a tad bit antsy coz i haven't spent that much time alone with Jamie. But, sooner or later, i will, right? So after knowing we had to wait 30 minutes for the pictures to get printed, we decided to just look around the mall and window shop. Leave it to two girls, whom connected by mere fate because of a single person, she coz of her bro and me coz of my bf, to bond over clothes. We were a couple of clothes freak so half an hour went by like that because we drooled over apparel our "baons" couldn't accomodate. There were small talks about school, orgs and friends here and there, and i can't really say there was much effort there. Takes time for me to warm up to anybody, but Jamie really made it easy for me, being the people person that she is (kaya nga memcom head eh). If ever you get to read this, thanks Jamie, had a really nice time!

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