Thursday, March 24, 2005

night of the gorgeous Lazarus(es)

To drain myself of boredom, i agreed to meet up with maebz and just at the rob to go bowling. Well, i underestimated the distance from the station to the mall, so i regretted having paced my walk that fast. I looked more like practicing for an alay-lakad than leisurely bringing myself to the mall to have fun night with mah girls. Needless to say, bowling was already out of the question. Hello world, i am so unfit! Luckily, booze was available, so as the sc president and the glee club member bowled their way to the olympics (hehehe), i indulged myself with a bottle of San mig light accompanied by a way tough platter of calamares. After neighbor-bowlers bashing (which can be pretty risky considering we were a little tipsy), we headed off to watch, for lack of a better choice, Vin Diesel's The Pacifier. I say to Vin (if ever by the slightest chance in the universe, you came about this marvelous -harhar- blog of mine), you would have been better off making the sequel of XXX than making this damn movie. You are an eye candy. You do not have a flair for comedy. Stick with brusko, action packed flicks. We like it that way.

bad...very... really... 03.23

From a terribly tragic thing to a wonderful surprise... we saw lili and odette at the mall! Lili, the girl with face of an oriental porcelain doll with a siren's voice to match, who we thought have been swallowed by the earth, is actually alive. Still as pretty and demure as ever, she is always a delight to see. Odette, whom we met as they were waiting for their table at Max's, is with Ate Ann and his oh so cute little boy. We also finally met Jake, Odette's boyfriend. What a lucky guy, having a girlfriend who's way prettier inside than what you can visibly admire on her outside. Haay, me so lucky, had gotten to hang out with these beautiful people during one of the best times of my life. See, i have the best taste in friends! Kind, smart and beautiful. As they say, birds of the same feather.... are of the same birds. HAHAHA! Hindi sa pagbubuhat ng bangko, but you know how it goes...

nene days...senior year 2000

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