Friday, March 18, 2005

Kulet, on her 20th.

Kulet celebrated her 20th birthday on the 16th. I was teasing Mama all day, telling her she's old already, having "lost" her last teenager. Es-em to those who know her, she's the youngest of three girls (i'm the middle child, which figures, don't you think?) and probably have the least drama of all of us. She was never high maintenance like my ate and never in perpetual need of medical attention (physically and mentally harharhar) like me. She is the happy-go-lucky, not the academic type but nevertheless talented bunso of the family. She can dance like the best of them, and draw like it's the only way she can express herself. She has friends from the day she was born that never left her side, and making more is her forte. She is never pretentious, what you see is what you get type of girl. She's street smart and confident. She burps, and farts and can be spectacularly wa-poise most of the time, but she's probably the sincerest person i know. With her i share one of my most honest relationships. We have our trying moments, like most sisters do, but after 10 minutes of yelling at each other's face, followed by an hour just being out of each other's face, we manage to make one hirit that erases every hurtful word exchanged. We laugh at all things, funny or just plain silly. We get frustrated with the same things. We jokingly thought we would be roommates for the rest of our lives, since we've been sharing rooms since forever, but that changed when we moved here. However, we still check on each other before we sleep and try to wake each other up for breakfast. She's my sister, and although not really said out loud, a very treasured friend. And on her 20th birthday, as she blew on her candles, and i wish her all the best things life has to offer. And knowing her, it's all in the bag.

happy birthday, kulet! 03.16

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