Friday, March 11, 2005

our little princess

It's Ouie's 3rd birthday! That is such a nice age. You'll be amazed on what new things or new words she learns everyday. We're starting to watch what we say around her coz she's like a naughty sponge, she'll pick up on anything and everything she sees and hears. Right now, she repeats every threat her mother says everytime she throws a tantrum (Ouie: Tawa-tawa ka dyan, gusto mo palo? hehehe funny, really). She dances to whatever song she hears on tv, and the girl can burp. And then she laughs at me since i can't do that (Ouie: Tita Ayie, di kaya). And since she is our resident cake-monster, i bought her a huge chocolate cake, which she never left til it was all finished. It's shocking. Jr and I also gave her one of those inflatable pools so she can dip around whenever she wants to. Too bad, she's a little under the weather now so she can't use it. I hope she gets well soon. Haay, i want to be a kid again...

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she loves her cake! 03.11

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