Monday, March 07, 2005

be kind to my heart.

Beb and i went to gateway last saturday to catch our weekly flick. I talked him into watching Million Dollar Baby though he really wanted to see Ray, thanks to my very admirable convincing power (or the fact that he doesn't want to argue with me, take your pick). It turned out to be a good choice cause it was really good movie, especially when we take into account that beb didn't sleep throughout the film, which is a very remarkable, if you ask me. The movie makes you laugh and cry at the right moment. Hillary Swank really deserved the Oscar. She was ripped in all the right places, and was really into her moves and you can fake that with make up and body doubles. Clint Eastwood is indeed brilliant, so is Morgan Freeman, so much so that they made on screen small talk a joy to watch (the sock talk was so hilarious). Though i saw how the movie will end midway through the film (it was so pinoy movie-like), it would still pinch anybody's heart seeing each characters resolution, or lack thereof. It is shaping up to be one of my most favorite films of all time. Hey, im not in bad company, all of tinstle town seems to think so.

very deserving 03.06

* * *

Sunday was an adventure for beb and I. On the hunt for the most delectable barbeque in all of Manila, we ended up in the Lung Center of the Philippines. No, not actually in the center, but on Sundays, its grounds cater to a morning flea market for fruit, crafts and food! Wasn't really prepared for shopping so my money was just enough to buy a butcher block. We desperately need a chopping board in the house. The plates are starting to show distress because we're chopping garlic and onions on them (i know, pathetic). Got a fairly average size plank for about 120, a steal (harharhar)! Then, if i wasn't feeling lucky enough, i came upon my destiny... bacon cuapao! As always, they were yummy, in all their arterial-blocking, heart attack-giving goodness. Not only did i buy those they had prepared for those who need their quick fix, i also bought their packed bacon and those cuapaos pack of 10. You see, when i encounter food that i really really like, i would try to stuff myself with those things until i'm sick of them. Then i wouldn't crave for them anymore. Of course this could be in matter of weeks or if it's really to die for, it could take me months. I once got addicted to lechon kawali for about a month. It was oily and greasy and it made me bloat but i didn't care. It was delish, and we were happy together (hehehe, sick me...). So i'll be eating bacon cuapaos this week, so if i gain a little weight, it's all for the love of me (or the bacon). Finally, we finally found what we were looking for. It was Ineng's barbeque, which obviously was well-sought after cause they had a whole army of men doing the bbq-ing, not to mention the long line of people waiting for their take outs. Each stick cost about 25 smackaroos, but it was worth the money with its chunky, really juicy grilled meat (makes you salivate doesn't it?) One serving was big (believe me, i couldn't even finish two). Haay, we were in tastebud heaven...
* * *

I did something drastic yesterday. But it was all worth it...

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