Friday, March 04, 2005

calling all positive chi.

There are days when you really want to crawl under a rock and hibernate. Then comes those days when dancing with the waves isn't a bad idea at all. There are bad days, and there are good days.
A few things that made this one better than yesterday's...

1. beb and i finally agreed on a date --- no, not that "date"--- for our getaway, him from school, me from what i still refer to as "work". He's still looking around for pocket-friendly packages, but i trust him. Besides, he's the better haggler between the two of us. I still can't shake off my impulsiveness. I can seriously cause bankruptcy if left unsupervised. Good thing is we trimmed it down to Bora or Bohol. Baby steps, beb, baby steps...

2. Still living in a clutter-free room, quite an achievement if you ask me. Cleaned out the "jungle" on wednesday, which means almost three days of being oh-so-neat. I think my O.C.-ness is making a comeback.

3. Caught by a friend online. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang justine. hehehe. Had a very interesting conversation which i will share in my next post, time willing. Let's just say it involves white sand and pusit. Thanks gurl (hehehe) you're my savior. Tama dearie? The things you had to put up with... im really sorry (",)

just (8:28:39 PM): feel any better?
moi (8:28:48 PM): getting by :)
just: (8:29:05 PM): u sure?
moi (8:29:14 PM): yeah, thanks :)
just (8:29:15 PM): skydive tayo
just (8:29:15 PM): great escape yon!
just (8:29:15 PM): hehehe
moi (8:29:20 PM): lika
moi (8:29:37 PM): required ba mag parachute?
just (8:30:18 PM): tara!
just (8:30:18 PM): OO! GAGI KA!!!

* * *

Took a raincheck on a lunchdate with dee and xtf, and a movie date with tessa. As always, will make bawi and will promise to keep that promise. Hugs and kisses.

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