Tuesday, April 14, 2009

But I want one!

This morning, in another episode of my-so-called-life...

Me: Beb, I think I left my gym keys in your car. Could you please check?
Beb: Ok, wait. I'm at the office. I'll call the house.

A few minutes later...

Beb: It's there. Manang has it already. When do you need it?
Me: Great great. I'm at the gym already. I'll just pick it up after my yoga class.
Beb: Ok. Good. 'Cause I have something at home that I was supposed to give you yesterday, too. I'll have manang give it you with your keys.
Me: Oooh... what is it?
Beb: it's a surprise. I think you'll like it.

...Me: Yey! You finally got me a baby elephant!!!

Beb: Uhmm, no. That's expensive, and a little too big.
Me: Aww shucks. Dang it!


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At 4/14/2009 09:36:00 PM, Anonymous Angeli said...

So cuuuute! /squish

I mean, the idea of you holding a baby elephant. Haha!

So. He must get you one SOON!!!


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