Saturday, August 27, 2005

Insert thought here >

> i found myself filled to the rim again, so back in my old depandable blog i write. I once convinced the author not to write about sad thoughts and archive life as if it's one big picnic, but life ain't a beach so here i am fighting the urge to bitch about life like a million other blogs do. boy, am i losing the battle...

> i always try to remind myself the i am still more blessed than most others. That always keeps me within healthy suicidal distance. I still have my family, food to eat, there's just problems... haay really looking forward to next year. Sabi nga, this, too, shall pass...

> Shake off the woes, i try. Sleeping would be a great option, but catching up on those lost zzz's during the week ain't such a good idea after all. When you squeeze in an hour of missed rest every night into a 6 hour saturday morning, you end up with a back pain and one heck of a head ache. When you work as if there's no tomorrow, soon enough your body won't know the difference between rest and punishment. One way or the other, you'll end up feeling more pain than you began with...

> i miss a less complicated life. where you just wake up, go to school, eat, daydream, sleep. You can party every weekend (or even weeknights) and don't care what it does to your liver years down the road. When the only limit you had was whether you can still open the latch on the car door handle. When spending somebody else's money won't get you in any trouble, just because you thought it was given to you, and it was all yours. So this is how growing up feels, i hate it right now. Ask me in a year how it feels like. Might change, might not...

> Remember me if im gone,
for sooner or later i will.
You may see me,
but i might not be there.
You might think that was me,
but you'll know you're wrong.
For i was gone...
long after you
talked to me,
touched me,
felt me.