Thursday, March 10, 2005

mini pick-me-uppers.

Where will you find an antidote for a weeklong depression? In the mall, of course. So i went with mama, Ouie and my sis to tag along with my aunt to her latest money-burning escapade. Ok, so i don't have that kind of dough to burn, but i owe it to my country to spread a little love, being the good citizen that i am. So i bought some stuff that will hopefully tie me down for a couple of weeks.
I'm so happy...

1. I bought a new book (even though i got six or seven more lying around that still have their plastic wraps on them). It's titled "The Rule of Four" by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason, and it's one of those mystery-thriller reads. I used to be Nancy Drew in my past life.
2. I bought a canister of hair product. Yeah, it takes an extra five minutes to make my hair decent enough so i wouldn't be looking like the wicked witch from the west, but i say it's all good. It's the price i pay for being vain.
3. I bought two bronzers (as if i'm not bronze enough :) ). Ok, aside from being a closet dreamer, im also a closet-vain. I do a lot of things in my closet. hehehe
4. I bought a mini basket to hold all my kikay stuff. I've been buying a lot lately, it's getting out of hand. But they still fit in there, plus there's room left to buy more. hahaha. Something to do come my next wave of depression... kidding!

My "retail therapy" has been really working for me lately. Of course, it's not recommended for the weak of hearts. Warning: May cause buyer's remorse. So shop well if ever you're going to try it. After all, you can't really buy happiness, but you can find a lot of stuff that can make you smile even for just a while. *wink*

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