Tuesday, May 30, 2006

it's all coming back to me now...

arghhh!!! the angst!

i'm trying to bury every last bit of this, please don't try to resurrect it.
let this one die, it's way overdue.
this is one dream i'm ready to let go.

kasi naman, hindi na lang matulog eh, napa-blog tuloy ako...
some things are just dangerous for my health.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Live it. Love it. Then, shake it off.

Two days has gone by, and i still can't shake it off. 12 hours of sleep over 4 days is insane. Eating suckling pig and roasted goose every night, at so late an hour it should be considered breakfast, is crazy. Delicious, but crazy. Every ticket to Hongkong must be appropriately labeled with "Power shopping could be dangerous to your health."

My extended weekend holiday turned out to be one hell of a brisk walking session. Having our HK relatives take us around the city to find those bargain shoppers' dream haul is a pain to my precious feet. My loving "ahn-nya" Una's "Malapit lang" turns out to be ten whole blocks of a reacquainted pedestrian's nightmare. But it sure beats taking those tours, locals sure know where the best buys are. Imagine, i bagged one giga pack of Sony's PSP 2.5v for HKD 1900.00 (12,540, our money). Hello, the 32 mb value pack here costs like 14k already. A steal right? Plus, i got a load of clothes off Giordano and Bossini's sale racks, enough to fill my previously three-fourths empty luggage plus two hand carries. I'm not really a big shopper. I don't really like buying for myself. Let's just say everybody i came home to emptied my loot returning my haul to its original one-fourth filled glory. PSP included.

Speaking of pasalubongs, their latest theme park have some decent shops too. The spread is enormous, not to mention pricey. I convinced myself not to convert, lest i want to leave the place with nothing, not even a keychain. I surprised myself when i picked up three bags full of goodies at the baggage check. (Again, i'm not a shopper, really. I graduated from retail therapy ages ago. I have severe cases of buyer's remorse every now and then, preventing me from indulging. Oh shopping gods, have mercy on me.) Hongkong Disneyland is all it's hyped up to be. It is EK with less people and with a more tourist-friendly weather. It's definitely a kids' place, and i think i'm starting to breach the "maturity" threshold, so appreciating than participating appealed more to me. Yeah, and cam-whoring too.

early bird gets to shop 05.06

mahaba pila kay mickey, kay tigger wala hehehe...05.06

now my bff, later my meal... mmm, peking duck...05.06

You can always speak a lot about the country's natives by just observing the streets. Apparently, the quiapo and recto snatcher species hadn't been imported yet, pedestrians have their cellphones practically glued to their ears, plus rates must be cheap too. Almost everybody fits under my "manipis" category, probably with all the walking they're used to. Real food is readily available on the streets, baked goods stores smell like heaven, cash registers right up front for easy buy-and-run. One could easily maneuver around the city's public transport, having an octopus card gets you on all mtr lines, buses, and trams. Maps, signs, road warnings (all with english translations) are visible and very comprehensible. Store clerks are very helpful and efficient to the hilt, almost on the taranta mode, so unlike here, where store attendees just follow you around like stalkers and treats you like you're going to pull a Winona any moment now. Everything's so clean (probably because of the SARS scare), fast paced, and im green with envy. Why can't we be more like that? Paki-explain nga.

hk on my mind. from my room. 05.06

Yesterday's encounter with the server at our local Jollibee made me say "Hello Lallie, welcome back to the Philippines". But then again, with super-stress inducing environment there, prompting the government to put glass encasing on all subway tracks to prevent the most preferred way to suicide, still there's no place like our laid-back home.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anong petsa na?

Contrary to popular belief, hate to disappoint some people, but, as Pink puts it, i'm not dead!

Due to insistent public demand, well... actually just yeng's (hehehe), mag-update lang ako.

Yes, i haven't been blogging lately. My laptop's is now in an appropriate place to plant root tubers. Simply opening it would induce severe asthmatic reactions i haven't had since grade school. I just don't want to look back one day to see what happened in my April 2006 only to appear that somehow i slept my way through it. Hence, my blogging absentia could be blamed on the following circumstances.

1. Beb. Vacation time. Beb's time. Mabait na talaga ako promise. Ba't walang gustong maniwala? (hahaha)
2. Family trips. Weekends are spent out of Manila. Welcomed change of pace. No laptops allowed. Suprisingly, i'm comfortable with that. Why blog, when you can eat all-you-can?
3. Pa-nga-nga-reer. I've been trying to be a good girl and work my butt off. I've purposely averted my computer to save myself from pondering on my unproductive use of my time sitting in front of this damn time-consuming monster than work to make much needed moolah.
4. Gulong ng Palad, Sa Piling Mo, and my most recent source of perversion, Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition. Kapamilya talaga all the way. Jologs/Addict/Couch Potato? Please classify me accordingly. Eh ang saya eh! Pwera lang Panday. Nakakamiss si FPJ.
5. The weather. Ang ENET! It's very hard to sit still in this mind melting weather. You'll end up leaving a puddle when you finally had the energy to get up from your spot. Actually suffered heatstroke early this month. Could have sworn that my brain turned into a smoothie. Kahit anong sipol mo wala talagang hangin. Kawawa naman si beb napapagod na, kasalanan ko ba na di ako marunong sumipol?
6. Happiness. I've finally found my happy place. Mahirap mag blog pag wala kang angst. There are problems, of course, pero everything seems trivial now. Personal motto lately, This too shall pass. God is my co-pilot. Seriously. Try it. Good for your health.

I'll try to post more about my last excuse on my following entries. I feel like oversharing, so consider yourself warned. Need to pack now because i'll be leaving in a few hours. There, more stories to tell when the weekend's over. Wish me a safe trip.