Saturday, July 02, 2005

to say im stressed out is an understatement

ok, so i missed almost two whole months of blogging... count that --- two! for a prolific blogger like me, that seems forever. However, life presented me something much more worth time-investing that sitting on my buns typing my little dramatic episodes, hence my sudden hiatus from digital archiving. But im back --- i think --- and though i assure that entries will come by like blue moons, at least i can promise if some thing earth-shaking happens, I will find the time to squeeze in a paragraph or two in this neglected blog. On that note, here are a few things i need to "make kwento" if i find the time to do so...

1. Tagaytay trip '05 - One of the most wonderful trip i had in recent memory. Way fun to pig out and "purge" especially when you're with great company --- my ds kada. Sports fest, slumber party and food tripping on cold weather (note: bulalo in sebo mode) all rolled into one. Worth blogging, and will get into that even if it takes me till 2010.

2. Movies - Let's see... there's Star Wars Episode III on the spanking new Promenade, Madagascar at Rockwell, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith on SM City - Sta. Mesa (long story, well not really). It's amazing how i managed to have a life outside the chaos im in. Looking forward to later's flick with beb, "War of the Worlds". Hehehe, i love day-offs.

3. Plim's despedida - Our resident brainy guy, Plimmy, is off to Singapore's National Universal for a full scholarship on Development Policy. Way to go, Plim! We're so proud of you. The dinner was new for me and extremely yummy (and free! hahaha) We'll miss you, and i know you'll be missing us --- fortunately you have our "holy" picture by your bedside table. Good thing, there's TigerAsia, so you're a trip and USD 69.00 away (exclusive of taxes and terminal fees). Welcome us when we come knocking at your grant-paid condo. We don't mind sleeping on the floor.

4. Night out with MY girls - Waaah... this event had been long overdue. Ok, i admit it, it was partly my fault. But that has passed, and the girls are back with a vengance. Me, Joyz, Maebz and Just went out to see our fave lolos, Acoustic Jive for a night of booze and bringing each other up to speed. Haayy, talk about friends... really missed these girls.

5. Father's Day 'o5 - When a family like our celebrate, we do it with food. So Auntie Baby invited us (brought beb with me --- who gave me a wonderful gift... a thumbdrive! love you beb) , along with Uncle Louie's family for a father's day celebration at Saisaki. Can you say buffet? Oooh, unlimited ebi tempura.... im in sheer bliss.

6. MY business - Yes, im officially a business owner, DTI-certified and all. Call it the culprit of my blogging absentia, plus my ignorance of new commercials and the Desperate Housewives storyline (hoping the Star World schedule is more forgiving). This is where i spend 15 out of my 24 hours allotment a day from my maker. Today is only my second absence since my June 6 opening (thanks mama for covering for me) and my body has been acquainted with all sorts of pain associated with a hundred and five hour work week (as supposed to a yuppies usual 40 hour work week). Thank heavens, got my family's full support and mercury drug's only a good walk away. Yes, i need sleep, and i'm now "drug-dependent", and although stressed out and everything, i can say in absolutely certainty, im in a happy place. Tiring, but fulfilling.

Now, if i could around to making these items real entries, but for now, this will have to do. Will blog as soon as inday gets her next "day-op". Wish me luck...