Monday, July 31, 2006

Because it's July 26... again.

i would only do this for a friend.

After eating my share of food from Auntie's little party, beb and i had to rush off to Makati for Maebz' at Merks. Actually i ate enough for a small family of five with a baby on the side, and in my family, after a meal like that, sleep was never far away. But i went, because, it's mae, and i love her.

Our dear lolos plus Lola Mae was there. They were great as always. There was a small fiasco in our table, puzzled who Jacqui Magno was, which made for great entertainment. Not for her singing, just us feeling like we were crashing a party stuck in the 80's. She resembled a highschool biology teacher, and memories of paramecium and amoeba flashed before us. The birthday balloons, Techie's cotton candy shake and Beb's dancing outburst all made for one fun night. But the night was young and so were we, so....

We went to Joyce's latest discovery, a 24-hour hookah joint just off Burgos. Ziggurat was cozy with lots of pillows to fight with and delicious kebabs and we just had to get our hands on the Persian grub. The Mango lassie as well as the singing birthday candle were controversial. Everybody took turns on our grape flavored hookah until we were all smoked out. Our girl had fun, and everybody went home happy, and sober! Akalain mo?

Ay next week ulit, it's somebody else's turn. Yeng, we will not fail you. Sana. Hahaha.

Birthday girl

Hookah girls...and boy

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Real-life fairy godmother.

My fairygodmother, in the guise of an actual earthbound godmother and aunt to me, Auntie Baby celebrated her 5oth birthday (half-century is a taboo phrase in her house) on the 28th. Although recent circumstances seem less ideal for a big shindig, it's still a major milestone, so a little get together is excuseable. So on saturday, with delicious food and very loud Bocaue fireworks, everybody gathered for some memorable moments with her. A simple celebration with the family, always melts her heart.

Happy birthday, Auntie! You are always and forever a blessing!

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's back.

And because...

... i don't want depression / angst to get the better of me...
... i can't control present circumstances involving me...
... i am resisting the urge to meddle in other people's crap...
... something is losing it's novelty(hahaha, yeah right) on me, and i think it's dying a slow and painful death...
... suicide is not really an option. never has, never been, never will be...
... i am in lukalukahan mode, and this just doesn't cut it...

... i did this. Best decision ever.

Curls are made for fools like me.
-apologies to Lisa Loeb, "Fools like me".

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Bday, Maebz!

To a friend who's been with me through good night-outs, bad hangovers and ugly ass (not to mention stupid) ex-boyfriends, shared classic resbak and stalking moments, and never turned down a shot-til-you-drop inuman night, whether on valid reasons or none at all, happy birthday! Glad to ride this damn crazy coaster they call life with you, girl!

these pictures gonna get me killed, three times over hahaha
back in our nene days, yikes!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peaceful goodbyes.

A loud persistent knocking on my door woke me up at dawn this morning. When i opened my eyes, the knocking went away.

I lost an aunt to cancer last night. We all found out about her illness exactly a year ago. She was non-smoker, yet had a green thumb and the doctors pegged the disease was caused by insecticides. Stage 4, they said. She had a good six months.

A year after, we visited her in the hospital. At first, my family wouldn't let me go, cause i had weak lungs since i was little, had been nursing a cough most of July and she had pneumonia complicating her situation. But last rainy Sunday, i went to see her, blessed with so much more time, i knew her day to meet her Maker was coming, and i want to say my goodbyes.

I hate the Lysol smell of hospitals, maybe because i was a suki when i was younger. But having gotten older, i had a few other reasons to hate it even more. One doesn't necessarily go to hospitals at the happiest times of their lives. And they suck the lives out of people, patients and visitors alike. Picture Azkaban, only antiseptic white. People don't really like going there, but they had to.

I visited her the day after they took her out from the ICU. She had tubes running all over the place, machines hooked up everywhere. Her mind was still vibrant, even complaining how the air from the respirator was thinning out. She still stubborn, still refusing to trust the doctors, inside still worrying about the family she knew she was leaving behind. We had to assure her everything and everyone will be taken cared of. She should just rest and pray.

She went away quietly according to my Ate Madel, her only daughter. I pray it was peaceful too. Ate Pen, our cousin, said she was woken up by heavy knocking on her door the same time I did. The knocking went away too when she opened her eyes. I guess somebody was trying to say goodbye. We love you, Auntie Delia, you have our prayers. Be in peace.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What you up to?

Am i getting too old, or i just don't get why pretty-little-things flock to Metrowalk? Ok, so it was my first time, never had a reason to traverse across urbania from my province to ortigas just for that strip. The concrete parking lot was full and since it was raining cats and dogs (still) in the Metro, we had to settle in the muddy side of the lot. It was one of those rare occasions that i felt like wearing heels. Yup, bad move. My sexy stilletos look more like chunky wedges of pure wet earth, and i was shaking half of it off unsuccessfully all the way to Behrouz. Whatta sight. If beb and i were Hansel and Gretel, the big bad witch would just follow our trail of mud and had a feast.

Anyways, i braved my wapoise moment because of another round of celebrations and despedidas. Kaye Wee passed the nursing board exams, and did so without the benefit of a leakage (i still have my doubts! Joke! Am so proud of you, K!). Plim, who unfortunately, i didn't had the chance to see, reason of which i'd rather keep to myself, is off somewhere. Basta, mag-aaral ulit sya. Our Plimmy, the eternal student. New card carrying member of the post-grad students club is Xtf, who's off to Sweden first week of August. Of course, there was Dee, three years into law school, but still far from wits end. Achievement on her part (hehehe gonna get creamed! Peace tayo, Dee!) Haay everybody's going everywhere, everybody's doing something. Had another moment of feeling that everybody's doing their thing and I'm being left behind. It was fleeting, but nonetheless, it was there. I'm happy for everybody though. Wish them all good luck. Rock the world the way you know how.

i look extra-tikoyish...

Friday, July 21, 2006

gone emo.

Ang sakit ng puso ko, hindi broken-hearted figurative na sakit, as in physical na sakit.

Had this entry a few months ago, and the way my heart felt the pain then is how i'm feeling it now. Ang sakit. Masakit na sa puso, masakit pa sa ulo.

I barely know what's up with my friends pero although it's just halfway through and as much as i personally consider it one of my greatest months on the face of the earth, memory-wise, everybody else's seems to be sick of July. And blasted! I can't help but feel for them. It really pains me to see them hurting, these people who by nature are really really cheerful and have given me the time of my life when i was with them. Believe me, nasisi ko na lahat, western capitalism, global warming, lalo ng yung walang kawenta wentang gobyerno natin kung bakit nagkakaganito lahat. Pero nandito na tayo. At oo, miski ako, hindi ko matanggap na dapat tanggapin na lang natin lahat ito.

I wanna put up a brave happy face for them, give them encouraging snippets to lessen their burden. Ayoko silang nalulungkot. Ayoko ng malungkot, God knows i'm angst-averted, pero ang hirap, lalo na pag mahal mo ang mga taong concerned. Gusto ko bumalik sila, tumambay kami sa walang katao taong beach at magkwentuhan hanggang di na kami magkaintindihan sa sobrang lasing. Yun lang. Masamang bang hilingin yun?

Walang akong resolution. Wala pa akong makitang happy ending. Mag rarationalize muna ako. Pagkatapos ko umiyak. Damnit!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Couch potato wisdom

I've been a little antsy lately coz i can't quite figure out what the farking mess i got myself into this time. And while i was watching Boston Legal last night, it hit me.

Tara Wilson: Let me see if I understand this. In college, you longed to have sex with her.
Alan Shore: Yes.
Tara Wilson: You ached to feel her naked body pressed up against yours.
Alan Shore: Yes. Well said.
Tara Wilson: And yet, nothing between the two of you ever happened?
Alan Shore: We suffered from bad timing. You’re wondering if that’s our destiny - yours and mine. Twenty years of unrequited foreplay.

David E. Kelley, you're a farking mind reader.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sometimes, making peace with some things doesn't mean you've heard the end of it.

To him, cliche as it may sound, it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I admire your intensity, I hope you give it to someone who truly deserves it. It might be her, though the opposite may be true just the same. She gave you a chance to know that you have it in you, that you can love like the best of them. I hope that whoever comes knocking on your door, a past, a present or a wonderful future, don't hesitate. No matter how many times you get hurt, you will always fall in love again.

To her, i hope you find what you're looking for. That is one lucky pair of shoes you're wearing. Appreciate what comes your way, after some time, it'll come few and far in between. Youth trumps recklessness, but not with another person's heart. Hope that time will never come when you look back and see not even a faint shadow of what was or what you wish will be.

To me, don't put yourself in situations where you might give your heart a nasty beating, it's been through enough. Know when to quit.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shinong Lasheng?

After JC, GM, SMB and a few other acronyms we've grown to love, I know my friends are drunk when:

1. Goodbyes get confusing.

Ekang and Sweety: Yeng, uwi na kami. May gagawin pa ko bukas.
Yeng, di daw lasing: Hello! *waves cheerfully*

2. Texting becomes a problem.

Maebz, the morning after: "Ano intindi mo dito?"

3. They develop short term memory loss.

Maebz, coming down from yeng's room: "Shiyet! Paano ako nakaakyat? Bakit ganito na damit ko?"

4. They start being jealous of inanimate objects.

Deb, upon hearing Noel Cabangon's Kanlungan: "Gusto ko tong kanta to! Jek, lika dito sayaw mo ko.
Jek, along with the boys, are fixing our mess. Jek was quietly sweeping and sheepishly laughing at the noisy girls.
Deb: Ano ka ba? Matatapos na yung kanta. Ba't mo ko pinagpapalit sa walis?!?

5. Nagging Redundancy is apparent.

Yeng, take four: Dale, Na lock mo na ba yung pinto? Eh yung sa fourth floor naka lock na ba? Yung Gate may lock na?
Dale, helpless: Yeng, unang beses pa lang na sinabi mo yun nagawa ko na.
Yeng, pauses, thinks about it for a while: .... Eh yung gate na lock mo na? Yung pinto? Yung fourth floor?

6. They're sweating it off.

Please choose from the following activities accordingly.
a. Dance with the electric fan.
b. Wash the dishes.
c. Wipe the floor.
d. Mop the bathroom.
e. If there is laundry, volunteer to wash it.

7. They put poor shocked hostages / boyfriends on hot seats.

Interrogator: So anong plano mo sa buhay? May papakain ka na ba sa kabarkada namin.
Boyfriend, nearly peeing in his pants: "Um, uh, di ba matagal pa yun? *Calls out for his girlfriend who's also drunk and couldn't care less*

8. They talk it off.

Dale, 200 decibels higher than his usual voice: ANO BA? ANG IINGAY NYO! GANYAN BA KAYO PAG NALALASING?" Pati sa binilhan namin ng beer naririnig namin kayo!

9. They disappear one by one, later found in a corner soundly sleeping like an angel (of death hehehe)

10. In the morning, they barely remember the night before, but still find the bits and pieces very hilarious.


After party...

Principal Mabel

The night is young... and so are we...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Home Gurls

In life, there are friends and there are friends. Latter being the ones you grew up with and knew you before you learn your first dirty word. For me, these are the girls i've shared one bottle of soda for recess with (back when i used to drink coke), not because we can't afford it but it's nice to share (practically french kissing hahaha). We've seen each other cry over a boy and laugh over our stupidity three months after. You get used to them coming over your house unannounced, raid your fridge and drag you to the nearest tapsihan when the craving starts. You don't notice things unless somebody from the outside brings it up.

Enter the boyfriends.

Everytime we bring them around for a "wholesome" get together, they manage to grab a couple of beers, group themselves in a corner and let us have our night. We thought they just bear truth to "Strenght in numbers", afraid of being cornered alone and "Hotseat-ed". Well, that was until last weekend, when while apparently being entertained/shocked by the whole happening, they were silently in focus group discussion mode, posing casual observations they've mutually agreed to about our nutty circle. Here's a few we've managed to coerce out of them.

1. We are one group of noisy girls.
"Minsan, miski dadalawang piraso kayo, parang ang dami dami nyo pa rin"
"Akala ni Dale may nag-aaway sa labas. Nag-uusap lang daw pala tayo dito sa sala"

2. We talk simultaneously.
"Nagkakaintindihan pa ba kayo?"
"Pa ulit ulit na lang sya. Nakakatatlong kwento na sya kulang na lang irecord nyo"
"Pag kasama ko kayo, daig ko pa pumunta ng rock concert."

3. They have to shout when they're with the group.

4. We get easily distracted.
"Ano ba? Saan tayo liliko? Mamaya nyo na pintasan yung billboard."

5. We get abnormally mean, in general.
"Naalala nyo si [insert forgettable name here]. Nakasalubong ko sya"
"Sino yun?"
"Yung klepto, nagnenok ng benetton nung highschool."
"Hindi talaga, peram year book."
"Model na daw si [somebody back in hs]"
"Nang alin? Medyas?"
"Hindi. Sa ibang bansa daw."
"Pwede, exotic! hehehe"

6. We are mean to ex-boyfriends.
"Noon kayo pa ni Yeng, friend kita. Ngayon, since hindi na kayo, di na kita friend."
" Ano?!? Dinikitan nyo ng ano yung Nissan Patrol nya?!?" To which we reply, "He had it coming. Wala pa nga yon eh."

We admit it, ok, we get rowdy in each other's company, but you guys gotta admit, we've got a heck of a group going on here. You may say we can get pretty irritating at times, but well, that's part of our charm. *wink*

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Reinventing vows. Biatch style.

and so it has passed.

Jelai and Ryan, after a relationship that went on forever, finally are in wedded bliss. Ekang, our barkada's version of Mike Velarde, probably prayed over the bride for hours and called every saint she can remember because the rain that's been looming over Manila for the majority of the week luckily went away, leaving them a pleasant weather for an afternoon wedding. Someone even jokingly said "Sa lakas ng powers ni Ekang, pati hangin nawala." Hehehe. Sinong marunong sumipol?

Of course we were late, as always. Our group arrived right smack in the middle of the vows and immediately started our share of the usual tigbakan. At the moment the couple was pledging their love and unwavering faithfulness to each other, bitch reflex was triggered ...

Jelai, the bride: "Ipinapangako ko na hindi kita pagtataksilan....."
Some biatch, sixth row from the back, with nuns seating in front of her: "Oh My God! Why make such a vow. Pag ako kinasal pakitanggal nga yung clause na yan"
Biatch to her right: "O kaya dapat, Ipinapangako ko kung magtataksil man ako, hindi ako papahuli!."
Biatch, to her left: "O kaya, kung mahuhuli mo man ako, ipinapangako ko hindi ako aamin"

Then, lightning struck and the earth opened up and swallowed them whole. Bow. Hahaha.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh my sweet tooth!

Guess who's finally opening shop here in our beloved Philippines?

Krispy Kreme!

Got a hold of a daily as a enjoy my morning pandesal and right there, bearer of good news, is the business section. Apparently, i have one more reason to love Max's, aside from Piolo's lifesize image welcoming me in every visit. Yup, they're bringing Krispy Kreme here by the end of the year! Oh my oh my oh my! I feel my sweet tooth throbbing. Another delicious thing to fuel my love-hate relationship with complex carbohydrates. Ciello's, Go Nuts, Dunkin, Hot Loops, Mr. Donut. Ano ba? Super torn. Sumakay ka pa.

Low carb diet? Blah! Rather be plump and happy than be gangly and deprived. There's nothing in life like a sugar high. Me excited!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Ivy texted me last night. She has this knack in making my long gloomy day a little lighter. She heard an update about "the event". The new motif would now be "kapote orange". Ivy, ang kulit mo!


I saw Drew Carey on a Hollywood homegame in World Poker tour. He played for the Cleaveland Public Library. He's as funny and witty and cute (at least to me) as ever. Too bad he ended in 5th. Why am i so drawn to chubby guys in glasses? More to love, baby! God, are you winking?


Madame President declared yesterday that classes in all levels would be open for today. I woke up my niece who's in prep who had 2 days off from school already. We drove out and halfway to the school, we decided her 2 hour class is not worth the massive downpour and thigh-high floods which is all too common in our beloved Manila.

I feel another "I'm Sorry (remix "my Bad")" speech brewing.


God has opened a new window for me to rekindle an old hobby. He has one weird sense of humor.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We always have this running joke among friends whenever there's an event we're not too anxious to go to.

friend 1: uy may party si [insert name here]. punta daw tayo.
friend 2: kelan daw?
friend 1: sa [insert date here]. punta ka ba?
friend 2: lalagnatin/ magkaka-SARS/ may FMD ata ako nun. naka sched na eh.

Well, sometimes i channel Madame Auring, in her good days.

I've caught a bug and gotten the sniffles, which now turned into a fullblown fever. With this kind of weather, i have yet to see the end of this. On one hand, this is one less bitchy and enormously more credible excuse not to go, but i reminded myself i was going there for friends, and i hate to miss "the main event". Ako pa, basta any opportunity to trash my liver, go lang ng go.

Haay. Sabi nga nila, "Ang sakit sa kalingkingan, sagot ay Alaxan".

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"I've been dumped before, Renee. This isn't pain I'm feeling, it's nostalgia."
- Ally Mcbeal

No, im not headed for singledom. I'm still half of a wonderful twosome. I'm just bothered... and confused. More confused than bothered. It's an unwanted feeling.

I just don't want to go down this road again. My ride got wrecked the last time.

Guarded na kung guarded.
This is not pain i'm feeling. It's deja vu.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fix me.

When i am....

a) putting a lot of things on hold [i.e. procrastinating...]...
b) confused and clueless on what next...
c) being bugged to death by decisions i don't wanna make...

a) wash dishes/ clean room/ rearrange furniture / O.C.-fy
b) tinker with html crap, or some other stuff that involves killing precious braincells
c) do something with my hair.

Dang it! I wanna hair cut.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jabee happy...

Never had a birthday party done in Jollibee, even Mcdo, when i was a kid. Chalk one up for biggest frustrations in life. Of course, my friends made up for it, when they had me celebrate my 18th in Mcdo Taft and made Grimace strip his ube garb (He didn't, but it was fun watching the poor costume guy squirm.) This sets forth my lifelong awe brought about by soft cuddly mascots. Yup, i love them and would never miss an opportunity for a photo opp. So here's my latest memories of them at one of my niece's birthday party at Bluewave.

Torn between two lovers....

Good thing, beb tolerates my fetish...

May bagong theme park sa Pilipinas. Move over EK!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

do not read between the lines

and because i felt farking guilty.

beb and i tossed coin on what movie to watch, i won, but we ended up watching the ultimate guy movie, TFATF: Tokyo Drift. It's a saturday afternoon and everybody else was watching superman so we had the cinema all by our lonesome selves, except for a few other guys with their clueless gfs in tow (feel their pain hahaha). T'was a cool movie, but beb kept talking about the cars at mere sight , and he was like, "That's a viper, you know how many vipers there are in the Philippines? One. One!" or "That's a Mazda RX7, it's goes from 0 to blah blah blah...." after a while it all kinda sounded like greek to me (much like what he feels like when i watch The Buzz and go "Si keanna Reeves yan nanalo yan ng PBB Celebrity Edition...). Anyways, i just passed time, enjoying a taste of Japanese fasyon, and pondering on how Han got to me deep. He's right. Life is simple. You make choices. Then you don't look back. Such a softee inside a tough ass movie. Cinema equivalent of a toosie roll. Hehehe.

I'm not listening to Rihanna again.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

im in LooooVE!

Bagong buhay (?) Bagong layout!
Isn't it prettyful? Can't help but smile when i gaze at it. Makes me wanna be one with the stars (emote music cue here) Ang ganda nya, sa sobrang ganda, pwede na syang ligawan (hehehe)

Decided i should not jinx myself anymore with the 'ole summer beach layout, summer's done and besides, the weird sunny-now-rainy-later weather does enough jinxing for me, so i'll just long for the beach at a distance, like i've done so one too many times before (am i still talking about the beach? hehehe) So welcome my new lay out. Less clutter, though my knick-knacks are still here, hidden somewhere. I was going for crisp, simple and dreamy, everything i wanna be. Hope there's no jinxing myself this time around.

Yeah, got this urge to overshare. I'm addicted to Five For Fighting music lately. Getting me into my existensial mode (yikes!), less the angst. Practically dreamy... see there's a theme here somewhere... (",). Loves it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

chasing chuperman

i spoke too soon.

had lunch with the peralejo's over the weekend. It was beb's mom birthday and they had a little get-together in OJ's at eastwood along with their CFC friends. I brought along the disaster that was my ube cake as a gift which looks like, well --- a disaster --- that i had to tape in a disclaimer, "looks like hell, tastes like heaven". Thank God they were gracious, and in my defense, my disclaimer holds up.

afterwards, t'was movie time at the cinemas. Superman was playing and being a moviebuff, i was hell bent on seeing it and a free ticket doesn't hurt a bit. Ok, quite honestly, i was a little bit apprehensive. I saw most of the movies out during the past few months and most of the time, i didn't regret the tiny chunk of money i parted with to see them. Xmen 3 was a blast, good thing they had the balls to kill off professor x, cyclops, and jean grey aka phoenix, render magneto powerless and rebecca romijn gorgeously helpless and possibly leaving an opening for xmen 4 (or it is wolverine's debut movie?). Cars was great, who needs Tokyo drift when you got much wittier writing in animation? Plus, you can't help but love Guido --- Pitstop!. I don't quite know what to make of MI:3. Yes, it was action packed. But the ending left a bitter taste, too happy of an ending for the possible end of a trilogy (Uh-oh, more MI's in the horizon? more TomKat drama) But the movie that burned me so bad it left a scar was the film version of The Da Vinci Code. WATAPAK was that movie?!? I was picturing Robert Langdon to be debonair-ish, more like Pierce Brosnan, less like balding, waiting for a comeover Tom Hanks. I love Tom Hanks, but WATAPAK?!? the book got murdered, and i got burned. So please understand my apprehension over Superman. Maybe it wasn't as hyped up, but still, i was worried.

Fast forward to 2++ hours later --- i was happy, and if in my dreams i happen to be saved by superman, he would exactly look --- and sound like --- Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth is an angel and made me want my curls back, and Kevin Spacey is a genuis nut. If i had to pay to see the movie, i would. It's so worth it. Incidentally, a great movie sparks discussion afterwards, and here is my friend from another timezone and I's philosophical take on the movie....

me : nood ka na chuperman? benta sa akin ah
her : yep! gwapo siya
me : oo kaya pag iniimagine ko si superman ganun itsura nya, pati yung boses nya, chuperman na chuperman, pati yung kulot, winner
her : hahahaha ang kulit nga nong kulot, saka pag nagbihis siya, kasama sa costume change niya yon
me : nahimatay nat lahat may kulot pa rin
her : buti nga nong wet look napababa yon eh
me : maganda yung gel na gamit nya
her : kelan niya kaya inaayos yon? on d way paglipad palabas or habang nagpapalit pa lang?
me : naka set na yung curler, nakatago sa bangs nya, curler lang kasi isa lang sya, kasi di ba mahaba yung bangs nya pag si clark kent sya,
her : hindi pag lumilipad siya nalalaglag yon
me : oo yun lang yung hindi anti gravity, naattract ng earth may magnet yung curler
her : powder face sila pareho ni legolas, ano kayang foundation nila?
me : oo kaya, kulang sa blending
her : pero ung un niya, it's a bird nga, all throughout
me : noh it's chuperman
her : hahaha
(next lines deleted, too early a topic from the author's timezone.)

post script: After over two years of being with beb, i finally know what to call beb's parents. I was still getting away with "Ok lang po" or "Thank you, po" And if push comes to shove i was convinced i would call them Mr. and Mrs Peralejo, or Ma'am, Sir. But i guess, Tito Raul and Tita Beth is acceptable. I guess after feeding them a disaster, they had to take pity on me. Give the poor girlfriend a break.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Uuy, nakikifamily.

During special occasions when you're obligated to be with your family simply because you share blood types (ie mothers' day, fathers' day), beb and i don't miss a beat with our usual spiel.

beb: So san tayo pupunta?
me: Tayo? Bakit wala ka bang pamilya?
beb: eh mas masaya lakad nyo eh
me: Ewan ko pero malamang sa [insert some establishment here, probably one that involves serving food]
beb: yey, sama ako.
me: yoko! Bawal makifamily.
beb: WaaaH!

Of course, he ends up going anyway. I'd rather him be there than answering "Asan si Jr? Ba't di mo kasama?" all afternoon. Hello, blood relatives, it's not like we're attached to the hip or something. I mean, can you imagine me actually attached to his hip? The legs would practically be rendered useless. I'll just be suspended mid air, even while he's taking a leak. Don't you want be to be independent? (Hahaha, ang drama!)

In our Subic trip two weekends ago, beb practically invited himself. Fine by me really, as long as he drives. Here's the weird thing. He ended up enjoying it much more than i did. Not only did he taunted and teased all the vulnerable species in both Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, he managed to drink and chase skirts with my cousins at a freedom day rock concert and then go kart racing the next day, while i sit in the hotel room munching off room service. Makatarungan ba yun? Sino ba kapamilya dito? Kapuso ka lang ah? (yay! cheezy!)

Haay naku, sige na nga, kawawa naman yung conyong bata, deprived (",).

pare, ano height mo?

poor chicken

Image Hosting by

beb's impersonation of the poor chicken

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swim with the fishies