Saturday, March 12, 2005

drink wine when winging it.

There are no plans after Hitch so we decided to go home. But on the way to the beb's car, an old familiar sound came from the general direction of 6750. 'Lo and behold, they were playing there, who knew (we're starting to think they're following us). We've always been inclines to old school jazzy/blues genre, Lolo Romy and the gang are masters of their game. So we decided to drop by Quisine to watch Acoustic Jive. Well, more of listen to them, since a huge column was blocking our view, but nonetheless, their sound still makes us feel our innate groove. The place is what i commonly refer to as froufrou, which in my dictionary isn't the most comfortable of all places. Flocked by people almost thrice our age, we definitely stood out like sore thumbs. But seeing Tony Boy Locsin made me giggly. I adore distinguished gentlemen. Him and Rafael Alunan. hahaha. We also drank wine, very sideways hahaha. Beb gladly treated us with a bottle since he closed a nice deal with a generous cut.Thanks beb. You're the best!

wine with friends... now that's a first 03.11

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