Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spoiled rotten.

Sometimes, I wonder how did I get so lucky.

Beb and I celebrated our 3rd year and 4th month anniversary (? monthsary? smarshshery, whatever) in Trinoma, because he wanted to check out the newest mall on the block (the Block, get it? get it? Nyek). That was where his say for the night ends. Everything else was my call. Yes, I'm spoiled.

I had craving for fried chicken. Oh, I really miss friend chicken. And since Pancake House was nowhere to be found, I had to settle for Yellow Cab's hot wings, without the hot part. Doesn't really do much for the craving, but it's a start.

Gotta be prepared.

Glorious greasiness. I love it!

And because it's the season of great movies, we watched what's next on the must-see list, The Transformers. Ok, so admittedly, I was a little apprehensive. The Autobots and Decepticons I was used to were colorful, animated and in 2d, so putting it in live action is a bit of a shocker to old school peeps like me. But you got to hand it to what's his name, this guy they call Steven Spielberg, he knows how to make a good movie. It's surprisingly funny, too. I will spare the three people who read this blog of the spoilers, but if there is one reason a person should watch the film, this would be it.

Move over Mojax. Major Girl Crush, talaga.

Lesbianic tendency alert! Megan Fox is hawtness. Pardon me, but I swear the sight of her sincerely leads me to question myself and my bicuriousity. Grabe, kasama ko pa boyfriend ko nito ha.

Speaking of boyfriend, of all of 40 months we've been a couple, the bf has never failed to give me a gift each monthasary. This time is no exception. Yup, totally spoiled.

Which now adds to a growing tower of books that I have yet to read. Tambak na ko. Time to sit down and just read, that should be written in our Bill of Rights or something. Wishful thinking, haay...

Thanks beb. I know I'm one lucky bit... girl. Thanks for keeping me safe, relatively sane and very much happy. Love you to bits!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

13, 14, 16, 18, Who's Counting?

You can learn a lot of things in one crazy afternoon...

... Cebu Pacific mall outposts have seriously long queues inside. And it takes you forever to wait for a 45 second ticket fix-up.

... There are a lot of fun stuff that only adults will appreciate in toy stores. With that said, flash cards are so expensive these days. Toys, generally, are complicated and very pricey these days. Jackstones, rio rubber bands, free coke pogs and pick up sticks, those were our childhood.

... If you buy a watch, make sure it works. But if you're giving it to a beautiful 3 year old boy, he wouldn't know the difference. Wouldn't care either way too. And you'll get a sweet kiss, after.

... Mixing hot, steamy food with hot, steamy stories is...well, hot! Enough said.

... Ang karma mabilis. Minsan sa bilis, sumasakay pa ng taxi. (",)

... Sometimes, you can take the girls out of highschool, but you can never take highschool out of the girls. Mean girls once, mean girls forever. Mean, but of course, very lovable. Fair warning, if you see us in a group, and we're not particularly close, just turn and walk the other way. That's if you're not up for awkward moments. We don't care, really.

... If my future offsprings act up and screw up, I know who to call. Don't worry, Tita Che, it won't be collect. Hahaha. Ayokong matanong ni Tita Cheche. I'm scurred.

... Sheryl remembers everything. As in, EVERYTHING. If you forget past transgressions, whether forgotten accidentally or intentionally, ask She. She'll probably have a sick animated story to go with it, too.

...Old pictures are great sources of mindless laughtrips. Yearbooks are tummy ache inducing collection of stupid times. If you think you were pretty, hot and tempting during gs and hs, yearbooks will really snap you back to reality. Gawd, we were a bunch of nenes. In very compromising poses. Hahaha.

... Cheche will be forever an alamat in my books. Tessa is a close second. Panalo ang mga GSS. Mabel, anong ginagawa natin nung grade school? Nag-kli-cleaners? Hahaha.

See you soon, Cheche!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Papa's day!

Things could have easily gone the other way a few months back. I remember sitting on the dinner table one night. I was dead tired from the hospital where I was watching you on your last stay. I was looking on to where you usually sit for dinner and thought, if life changed course, how terribly I would miss those talks we have during breakfast. Since then, my only consistent prayer as I close my eyes each night is for Him to protect you. And really, God has been very good to me, to us. And I have never been so happy to celebrate Father's day. I am so blessed.
Thanks for being my strength and inspiration. I won't have any other guy walk me down the aisle, so you're going to be stuck with us for a very long time. I love you, Papa!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

There she goes...

There goes another one...

Cheche, with his beautiful boy, KC, is leaving us, heading for Guam by mid-month. Farewells are always sad occasions, but it wouldn't really do anybody good to just sob over it. So after a hefty dinner at Cheche's place, just like every milestone in our lives, we trooped off to Malate to watch Acoustic Jive.

We didn't get the "Please wear white" memo.

It was fun and crazy and we took tons of pictures. The drinks just kept coming and nobody was counting. We were downing one after another, and the waiter, the poor guy, was trying to keep up. As evident, the natural progression of drunkenness was very apparent with one picture after the next.
Bali na yung leeg ni Mabel

Pang-ilan na to?
Template smiles na ito!

We have very weird dreams.

Hookah pa tayo, pag kaya pa nating maglakad.

Tumba na si tessa.

Uyyy, Hk daw?

I can really tell when I'm with a bunch of true-blue, same-wavelength friends when we individually thought of one thing: make Che-che sing! And sang she did.

Major reality check. No matter how frequent they come by these days, I will never really get used to goodbyes. So cheche, all I can say is I know I'll be seeing you later. And please bring your bibo kid. Ihahanda na namin ang casa!

Love you, che!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Favorite hobby ko?

Maghanap ng bato at ipukpok sa ulo ko.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Either or.

I don't know how much more my heart could take.
I've pushed it to the limits enough times that i don't know when it'll just break.

Just when I thought I have it together, in a blink, i find myself falling apart.
The worse thing is, it IS my choice.

I want it to end. I want it to go away.
I'm starting to let go of myself. I'm losing it.

I want it to stop

And then, begin again.

It's so nice to feel loved.

But it's so amazing to feel alive.


Monday, June 04, 2007

I still got it.

Three years and three months into the relationship, beb thinks he has some sort of a hold over me. He claims I no longer stress him out. He's so familiar with all my drama, and I gotta hand it to him, he does seem steady now, especially in PMS-induced sapak. I sometimes worry I'm becoming a bore, predictable so to speak. So once in a while, I give him a reason why he's still into me. Just when he thought he has seen the last of my craziness, I throw him a curve ball, and remind him why he still loves me, the challenge and drama that is me. Note to fellow long time girlfriends, this is best done when eating, usually when something is bound to get stuck in his throat.

Me: You know what I just realized?
Beb: What?
Me: My time is almost up, if i wanted to pursue this dream.
Beb: What dream?
Me: I want to be a young hot mom!

I swear, you could see fear creep across the poor guy's face. It's so funny, it's crazy.