Saturday, July 01, 2006

Uuy, nakikifamily.

During special occasions when you're obligated to be with your family simply because you share blood types (ie mothers' day, fathers' day), beb and i don't miss a beat with our usual spiel.

beb: So san tayo pupunta?
me: Tayo? Bakit wala ka bang pamilya?
beb: eh mas masaya lakad nyo eh
me: Ewan ko pero malamang sa [insert some establishment here, probably one that involves serving food]
beb: yey, sama ako.
me: yoko! Bawal makifamily.
beb: WaaaH!

Of course, he ends up going anyway. I'd rather him be there than answering "Asan si Jr? Ba't di mo kasama?" all afternoon. Hello, blood relatives, it's not like we're attached to the hip or something. I mean, can you imagine me actually attached to his hip? The legs would practically be rendered useless. I'll just be suspended mid air, even while he's taking a leak. Don't you want be to be independent? (Hahaha, ang drama!)

In our Subic trip two weekends ago, beb practically invited himself. Fine by me really, as long as he drives. Here's the weird thing. He ended up enjoying it much more than i did. Not only did he taunted and teased all the vulnerable species in both Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, he managed to drink and chase skirts with my cousins at a freedom day rock concert and then go kart racing the next day, while i sit in the hotel room munching off room service. Makatarungan ba yun? Sino ba kapamilya dito? Kapuso ka lang ah? (yay! cheezy!)

Haay naku, sige na nga, kawawa naman yung conyong bata, deprived (",).

pare, ano height mo?

poor chicken

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beb's impersonation of the poor chicken

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swim with the fishies

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