Friday, July 14, 2006


Ivy texted me last night. She has this knack in making my long gloomy day a little lighter. She heard an update about "the event". The new motif would now be "kapote orange". Ivy, ang kulit mo!


I saw Drew Carey on a Hollywood homegame in World Poker tour. He played for the Cleaveland Public Library. He's as funny and witty and cute (at least to me) as ever. Too bad he ended in 5th. Why am i so drawn to chubby guys in glasses? More to love, baby! God, are you winking?


Madame President declared yesterday that classes in all levels would be open for today. I woke up my niece who's in prep who had 2 days off from school already. We drove out and halfway to the school, we decided her 2 hour class is not worth the massive downpour and thigh-high floods which is all too common in our beloved Manila.

I feel another "I'm Sorry (remix "my Bad")" speech brewing.


God has opened a new window for me to rekindle an old hobby. He has one weird sense of humor.

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At 7/14/2006 02:58:00 PM, Blogger Fallenstar said...

Kung si ivy nagtext sayo ng gabi, sakin umaga. I agree, she really perks me up everytime she sends text. Parang morning coffee, parang milo. Parang champorado on a rainy day. Hehehe. :)


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