Sunday, July 16, 2006

Reinventing vows. Biatch style.

and so it has passed.

Jelai and Ryan, after a relationship that went on forever, finally are in wedded bliss. Ekang, our barkada's version of Mike Velarde, probably prayed over the bride for hours and called every saint she can remember because the rain that's been looming over Manila for the majority of the week luckily went away, leaving them a pleasant weather for an afternoon wedding. Someone even jokingly said "Sa lakas ng powers ni Ekang, pati hangin nawala." Hehehe. Sinong marunong sumipol?

Of course we were late, as always. Our group arrived right smack in the middle of the vows and immediately started our share of the usual tigbakan. At the moment the couple was pledging their love and unwavering faithfulness to each other, bitch reflex was triggered ...

Jelai, the bride: "Ipinapangako ko na hindi kita pagtataksilan....."
Some biatch, sixth row from the back, with nuns seating in front of her: "Oh My God! Why make such a vow. Pag ako kinasal pakitanggal nga yung clause na yan"
Biatch to her right: "O kaya dapat, Ipinapangako ko kung magtataksil man ako, hindi ako papahuli!."
Biatch, to her left: "O kaya, kung mahuhuli mo man ako, ipinapangako ko hindi ako aamin"

Then, lightning struck and the earth opened up and swallowed them whole. Bow. Hahaha.

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