Sunday, July 23, 2006

What you up to?

Am i getting too old, or i just don't get why pretty-little-things flock to Metrowalk? Ok, so it was my first time, never had a reason to traverse across urbania from my province to ortigas just for that strip. The concrete parking lot was full and since it was raining cats and dogs (still) in the Metro, we had to settle in the muddy side of the lot. It was one of those rare occasions that i felt like wearing heels. Yup, bad move. My sexy stilletos look more like chunky wedges of pure wet earth, and i was shaking half of it off unsuccessfully all the way to Behrouz. Whatta sight. If beb and i were Hansel and Gretel, the big bad witch would just follow our trail of mud and had a feast.

Anyways, i braved my wapoise moment because of another round of celebrations and despedidas. Kaye Wee passed the nursing board exams, and did so without the benefit of a leakage (i still have my doubts! Joke! Am so proud of you, K!). Plim, who unfortunately, i didn't had the chance to see, reason of which i'd rather keep to myself, is off somewhere. Basta, mag-aaral ulit sya. Our Plimmy, the eternal student. New card carrying member of the post-grad students club is Xtf, who's off to Sweden first week of August. Of course, there was Dee, three years into law school, but still far from wits end. Achievement on her part (hehehe gonna get creamed! Peace tayo, Dee!) Haay everybody's going everywhere, everybody's doing something. Had another moment of feeling that everybody's doing their thing and I'm being left behind. It was fleeting, but nonetheless, it was there. I'm happy for everybody though. Wish them all good luck. Rock the world the way you know how.

i look extra-tikoyish...

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