Monday, July 17, 2006

Home Gurls

In life, there are friends and there are friends. Latter being the ones you grew up with and knew you before you learn your first dirty word. For me, these are the girls i've shared one bottle of soda for recess with (back when i used to drink coke), not because we can't afford it but it's nice to share (practically french kissing hahaha). We've seen each other cry over a boy and laugh over our stupidity three months after. You get used to them coming over your house unannounced, raid your fridge and drag you to the nearest tapsihan when the craving starts. You don't notice things unless somebody from the outside brings it up.

Enter the boyfriends.

Everytime we bring them around for a "wholesome" get together, they manage to grab a couple of beers, group themselves in a corner and let us have our night. We thought they just bear truth to "Strenght in numbers", afraid of being cornered alone and "Hotseat-ed". Well, that was until last weekend, when while apparently being entertained/shocked by the whole happening, they were silently in focus group discussion mode, posing casual observations they've mutually agreed to about our nutty circle. Here's a few we've managed to coerce out of them.

1. We are one group of noisy girls.
"Minsan, miski dadalawang piraso kayo, parang ang dami dami nyo pa rin"
"Akala ni Dale may nag-aaway sa labas. Nag-uusap lang daw pala tayo dito sa sala"

2. We talk simultaneously.
"Nagkakaintindihan pa ba kayo?"
"Pa ulit ulit na lang sya. Nakakatatlong kwento na sya kulang na lang irecord nyo"
"Pag kasama ko kayo, daig ko pa pumunta ng rock concert."

3. They have to shout when they're with the group.

4. We get easily distracted.
"Ano ba? Saan tayo liliko? Mamaya nyo na pintasan yung billboard."

5. We get abnormally mean, in general.
"Naalala nyo si [insert forgettable name here]. Nakasalubong ko sya"
"Sino yun?"
"Yung klepto, nagnenok ng benetton nung highschool."
"Hindi talaga, peram year book."
"Model na daw si [somebody back in hs]"
"Nang alin? Medyas?"
"Hindi. Sa ibang bansa daw."
"Pwede, exotic! hehehe"

6. We are mean to ex-boyfriends.
"Noon kayo pa ni Yeng, friend kita. Ngayon, since hindi na kayo, di na kita friend."
" Ano?!? Dinikitan nyo ng ano yung Nissan Patrol nya?!?" To which we reply, "He had it coming. Wala pa nga yon eh."

We admit it, ok, we get rowdy in each other's company, but you guys gotta admit, we've got a heck of a group going on here. You may say we can get pretty irritating at times, but well, that's part of our charm. *wink*

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