Monday, July 10, 2006

Jabee happy...

Never had a birthday party done in Jollibee, even Mcdo, when i was a kid. Chalk one up for biggest frustrations in life. Of course, my friends made up for it, when they had me celebrate my 18th in Mcdo Taft and made Grimace strip his ube garb (He didn't, but it was fun watching the poor costume guy squirm.) This sets forth my lifelong awe brought about by soft cuddly mascots. Yup, i love them and would never miss an opportunity for a photo opp. So here's my latest memories of them at one of my niece's birthday party at Bluewave.

Torn between two lovers....

Good thing, beb tolerates my fetish...

May bagong theme park sa Pilipinas. Move over EK!

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