Saturday, July 08, 2006

im in LooooVE!

Bagong buhay (?) Bagong layout!
Isn't it prettyful? Can't help but smile when i gaze at it. Makes me wanna be one with the stars (emote music cue here) Ang ganda nya, sa sobrang ganda, pwede na syang ligawan (hehehe)

Decided i should not jinx myself anymore with the 'ole summer beach layout, summer's done and besides, the weird sunny-now-rainy-later weather does enough jinxing for me, so i'll just long for the beach at a distance, like i've done so one too many times before (am i still talking about the beach? hehehe) So welcome my new lay out. Less clutter, though my knick-knacks are still here, hidden somewhere. I was going for crisp, simple and dreamy, everything i wanna be. Hope there's no jinxing myself this time around.

Yeah, got this urge to overshare. I'm addicted to Five For Fighting music lately. Getting me into my existensial mode (yikes!), less the angst. Practically dreamy... see there's a theme here somewhere... (",). Loves it.

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