Monday, July 03, 2006

chasing chuperman

i spoke too soon.

had lunch with the peralejo's over the weekend. It was beb's mom birthday and they had a little get-together in OJ's at eastwood along with their CFC friends. I brought along the disaster that was my ube cake as a gift which looks like, well --- a disaster --- that i had to tape in a disclaimer, "looks like hell, tastes like heaven". Thank God they were gracious, and in my defense, my disclaimer holds up.

afterwards, t'was movie time at the cinemas. Superman was playing and being a moviebuff, i was hell bent on seeing it and a free ticket doesn't hurt a bit. Ok, quite honestly, i was a little bit apprehensive. I saw most of the movies out during the past few months and most of the time, i didn't regret the tiny chunk of money i parted with to see them. Xmen 3 was a blast, good thing they had the balls to kill off professor x, cyclops, and jean grey aka phoenix, render magneto powerless and rebecca romijn gorgeously helpless and possibly leaving an opening for xmen 4 (or it is wolverine's debut movie?). Cars was great, who needs Tokyo drift when you got much wittier writing in animation? Plus, you can't help but love Guido --- Pitstop!. I don't quite know what to make of MI:3. Yes, it was action packed. But the ending left a bitter taste, too happy of an ending for the possible end of a trilogy (Uh-oh, more MI's in the horizon? more TomKat drama) But the movie that burned me so bad it left a scar was the film version of The Da Vinci Code. WATAPAK was that movie?!? I was picturing Robert Langdon to be debonair-ish, more like Pierce Brosnan, less like balding, waiting for a comeover Tom Hanks. I love Tom Hanks, but WATAPAK?!? the book got murdered, and i got burned. So please understand my apprehension over Superman. Maybe it wasn't as hyped up, but still, i was worried.

Fast forward to 2++ hours later --- i was happy, and if in my dreams i happen to be saved by superman, he would exactly look --- and sound like --- Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth is an angel and made me want my curls back, and Kevin Spacey is a genuis nut. If i had to pay to see the movie, i would. It's so worth it. Incidentally, a great movie sparks discussion afterwards, and here is my friend from another timezone and I's philosophical take on the movie....

me : nood ka na chuperman? benta sa akin ah
her : yep! gwapo siya
me : oo kaya pag iniimagine ko si superman ganun itsura nya, pati yung boses nya, chuperman na chuperman, pati yung kulot, winner
her : hahahaha ang kulit nga nong kulot, saka pag nagbihis siya, kasama sa costume change niya yon
me : nahimatay nat lahat may kulot pa rin
her : buti nga nong wet look napababa yon eh
me : maganda yung gel na gamit nya
her : kelan niya kaya inaayos yon? on d way paglipad palabas or habang nagpapalit pa lang?
me : naka set na yung curler, nakatago sa bangs nya, curler lang kasi isa lang sya, kasi di ba mahaba yung bangs nya pag si clark kent sya,
her : hindi pag lumilipad siya nalalaglag yon
me : oo yun lang yung hindi anti gravity, naattract ng earth may magnet yung curler
her : powder face sila pareho ni legolas, ano kayang foundation nila?
me : oo kaya, kulang sa blending
her : pero ung un niya, it's a bird nga, all throughout
me : noh it's chuperman
her : hahaha
(next lines deleted, too early a topic from the author's timezone.)

post script: After over two years of being with beb, i finally know what to call beb's parents. I was still getting away with "Ok lang po" or "Thank you, po" And if push comes to shove i was convinced i would call them Mr. and Mrs Peralejo, or Ma'am, Sir. But i guess, Tito Raul and Tita Beth is acceptable. I guess after feeding them a disaster, they had to take pity on me. Give the poor girlfriend a break.

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