Friday, July 13, 2007

Sablay's moment.

A week of "sablut" texting and planning finally paid off. We got her. Yeng looked like he was about to kill Dale when she opened the door with a room full of balloons and friends. She was genuinely surprised.

Ano ba yan, patagilid? Sablay talaga.

After the celebrant's shock wore off, the very hungry party people feasted at Serye. But not before a few Kodak moments. And because Yeng had freakish bruising (hehe) from a post ortho procedure, we worked out the poses.

Shyet, sino yang nasa gitna? Di ko kamukha.

Of course, the party planning had it's share of sablay moments. There were the cocktail-inspired cupcakes who nearly went home with someone named "Tessa Rodriguez". It's either the one who took the order had bad hearing loss, or this is a sign of things to come. Ok, everyone, look at out for some guy who's a Rodriguez. Panalo yung cupcakes if ever. Not only is it yummy, turns out it might even be prophetic. Good luck Tech.

Cuptails! Cake and booze in One!

How many of these can we eat til we get tipsy?

One, two, three... Cheers!

And then, there were the balloons who nearly drove/flew/popped away. The delivery guy got tired of making "lakad-lakad" around eastwood and almost took our balloons home. What he's going to do with half-paid for balloons, I don't know. Good thing a little charm went a long way.

Awww! Pink and green! Bubblegummy!

Take One.
Take Two.Finally.

Dale has got a lot of reading to do that night. Don't worry , Yeng. It's all extremely censored. Your secrets are still safe with us.

Well, not all of them. It's your birthday, after all. Bida ka! Hehehe.

Yeng, sige i-explain mo to

There you go, Yeng. Yesss! Production number! Told you it was going to be a great day. So as my controversial therefore sabotaged balloon message would say...

Happy Birthday
Random text girl!

Umayos ka!


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At 7/18/2007 11:23:00 AM, Anonymous yeng said...

bakit "sablut"?

maayos na ko. sana magtagal :p


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