Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday madness

"Wala na. Wala ng kalasan ang Friday group."
- Ate Cathy

My friday was spent with, well... my friday group. It's when my cousins and I go out, pig out and go wherever our aunt feels like going. We aren't really complaining. It's crazy fun. Did I mention it's free too?

Last time, it was an afternoon of massages at the spa, a big, supersized meal at Chili's and Zirkoh afterwards. This friday was filled with Wham burgers and fries during the latest Harry Potter movie, Aristocrat's sinigang (baka, baboy and bangus, I'm not kidding) and Punchline, due to insistent public Aunt's demand.

Here's a rundown of the people I share my friday nights with.

1. Auntie Baby - generous and loving aunt, who spoils us with food, then sends us to gym after.
2. Ate Be - cousins/pseudo-aunt, the only other "adult" in the group.
3. Dra. Beth - became my ninang when she was 12 (I was her first godchild, and I still get gifts from her, even at 24), single, and hell-bent on staying that way.
4. Ate Cathy - banker by day, party goer by night.
5. Ate Pen - cool, calm, collected cousin. Also known to be taray queen when pregnant, which, incidentally she is now.
6. Kuya Perry - Ate Pen's impregnator, err, hubby. Computer geek/rocker.
7. Crystal - youngest among the group, keeper of my secrets, could use to keep a straight face and stop nudging me while the gays are singing "bakit ngayon ka lang". Kung di lang kita mahal, nasakal na kita. Hahaha.
8. Kuya On - life of the pahtey. And since he drinks, it means I can drink too. Mabuhay ka kuya.
9. Me
10. Beb - Nakikifamily. Joke. Actually, feeling ko, mas mahal sya ng pamilya ko kaysa sa akin. Hahaha.

I love them. I love it. Something to look forward to every time.

Kuya On, Ate Pen, Kuya Perry, Moi, Auntie Baby

Kuya On, Intruder of the month. Crystal, Ate Cathy, Moi.

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