Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls from the (eco) block.

One of the few reasons why Ateneo will always occupy a place in my heart is because of the people I met there. Being a member of the eco/meco club in DS, my former department opened doors of friendship for me worth treasuring even years after stepping foot in my dear ol' Alma Mater. My eco girls were never really party people then, which is probably why I got along with them. Fun for us was waiting in the SEC C benches for pao tsin to open to have our very early morning siomai breakfast, or Shakey's brunch for long breaks or hanging out in front of Escaler while waiting for Math class, even tambay at Ann's place at Burgundy when there's nothing else to do. Of course, there were the occasional group cut of Tito Ciel's class in favor of the mall, but every clique did that in Ateneo. It's practically tradition.

Three years and some odd months after graduation in Ateneo, and here we are a little older, a little wiser, and hell of a lot prettier. I've met up with two of my college crew from my Eco block, and I have never been happier to see them. There was Erlene, my sister from another mother. You know when some people say, the most genuine kind of friendships is when you're both comfortable even in silence. Every time I hear that, this girl from Tiaong always comes to mind. My taga-ampon when my sundo runs late, I can't imagine how I'd go through my first couple of years in ADMU without meeting her. Good thing that after spending a while in Illinois, she decided to go back home and study here. Seeing her again is long overdue.

Soulmate kong si Erlene.

And of course Ces. The girl who could charm his way to every man's heart. Idol talaga. The girl who had the most drama in her college life. Orsem pa lang, panalo na. Ces, too, was very much a konsintidor in my obses...err, harmless admiration. Ces always tried to get me an intro with uhmm... him, but for some reason, I always disappear. Oh well. Unlike Erlene who I haven't seen in forever, Ces and I always bump into each other in Makati, she from work, me from retail therapy. Now a hot mom of a little girl named Halo, but not really looking like it, well, the mom part. She still is hot.

Ces, hot momma

It was a fun night. Dinner at Banana Leaf, with Beb as our official photographer. The paparazzi left us for Timezone when we had our drinks at Masas, and as the Mango Mandarin flowed, so did the stories. Si Ces walang ka kupas kupas. Technically mine was a very old but still very alive issue. Tama si Ces, uso sya. Uso kami. So Erlene, makiuso ka na.

Erlene, at ang mga B.I. Hehehe.

After, we decided to burn the alcohol in our bodies with some dancing at Temple. Yes, Temple. I haven't been in Temple since Tricia's debut. But since I was in good company, I just turned a blind eye to everything that is happening around me and just had body grinding fun with a couple of ol' friends.

Hammered. Masarap ang Mango Mandarin.

Great night altogether. Wishing for more nights like that. No matter what other's say, some people, like us, just don't change. Still love them to bits.

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