Monday, July 30, 2007

Champorado Anyone?

Auntie Baby wanted the family for breakfast on her 51st birthday celebration, so we headed to Max's Roxas Boulevard sunday morning. When the lady host inquired how many of us were dining in, the shock became obvious in her face when some 60+ odd persons came in and everybody wanted champorado. I wonder how low would her jaw drop if she knew the clan wasn't even complete yet.

Ate Che, me, Ouie, Kulet, waiting to be seated

Lahat kamag anak ko yan, except yung waiter.

Nakikifamily si beb. Hahaha.

Anyhow, we got the last nine servings, and an assortment of their breakfast meals. My cousins, the brusko ones, had crispy pata, kare kare and Max's fried chicken. Growing boys daw sila. Kumusta naman di ba?

Kuya On, papa, Tito Wawa, waiting for crispy pata

O i pipimp ko na mga pinsan kong gwapo. Any takers?

Our family's getting bigger by the minute. There are babies everywhere and we have another two on the way. Ok lang, basta dumami ang magaganda at gwapo sa mundo, I have no qualms about it, especially if they're related to me. Hehehe.

Ninang Dra. Beth, with Maddox

Pa demure yung tawa ni Ikay.


ReinMacy, shy type.

The little girls.

Happy birthday, Auntie. Thanks for keeping us together. Thanks for everything else too. I love you.

Kulang na kami, daming nag eat and run hahaha.

More pics here.

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