Saturday, July 21, 2007

PR 101

I really admire people who could small talk their way to new relationships with total strangers. I've met a few of these very ma "PR" people and if I could only bottle that skill and horde up, I will. Beb, particularly, can charm his way to everything, oftentimes creating some form of respect with whoever he's having a conversation with in a drop of a hat. Mr. Popularity here assures me that I have very passable people skills, but I still have my doubts. Hey, it's been said that I initially give this taray air off first impressions. But I can assure everybody, I am nice. Once you get over the chinky eyes and the hair, I am super nice.

With that said, I always dread meeting new people. I usually feel like I'm a fish out of water. I get uncomfortable and very wary if I'm giving off fake smile (the ones when you show your teeth but the sides of your eyes don't crinkle). But once I get off the initial hump, meet a person in the crowd I could actually get along with, I'm set. Just like friday's send off party.

Osh, one of beb's friends, is off to Houston for flight school. He had his despedida at their home in Katipunan, and it seems like the whole gang were there. I've met the guys before, also having shared a few hot air balloon festivals with them. But there were a lot of new people, and I started being antsy.

To Osh

Good thing everybody was warm and tolerant, and I never knew you could have that much fun with a bunch of practically strangers. Without booze at that.

Yariboy aka "Boy Motmot"

Kaka, Yari "chick magnet", Sheena

All we had were two dozen 1.5 litre bottles of Coca Cola products, Winston light, Marlboro lights and white flower. Not to mention stories of brain freeze, the Harry Potter Vigil, rockstars, "for showbiz" guys. And it was a complete laugh trip.

Osh, with the Harry Potpot girls, Jen and Kaka

the rockstar and the pogi

Beb bumabangka, with Pete and Osh

Everybody went home at well past 1 am since Osh needs to head off for his 4 am flight. Once in the car, with Beb knowing my apprehensions with new people, I asked him how I did with his friends. Beb, dead tired, said, "Actually 10 pm pa lang gusto ko ng umuwi. Mas nag enjoy ka pa kaysa sa akin". Who would've thunk it?

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