Thursday, October 05, 2006


I sooooo knew it. Marky Mark rules!

After a long movie drought for me and beb, primarily caused by the very traumatic "My Super ex-girlfriend", compounded by weeks of flicks not worthy of your hard earned money, beb and i had our movie fix. And whatta fix it is.

Ok, it's not the Oscar-caliber film season yet. The movie was filled with an obscene amount of A-listers, totally bound to be a major disappointed, to the point that if it did bombed, it wouldn't be a shocker. It's a hollywood adaptation of a Tikoy flick, "Infernal Affairs", and if you'd seen "The Ring" or "The Grudge" being butchered by Lalaland, you'll tend to grow skeptical. It's a Scorsese release, and the package was practically screaming "Gangs of New York" box office tragedy. But this was no Gangs of New York. As Dignam would've put it himself, Hell fucking no.

T'was, first and foremost, a guy flick. And God knows, i love, love, love guy flicks. More so than cheezy chick flicks. The action was intense, not for the faint-hearted. It was super in your face, and if they've made a warner bro.'s ride after it, you'd be covered all over with blood (hopefully made with sweet strawberry syrup hehehe). I practically watched the entire film with one eye, leaving one to healthily function when the movie ends. The language would be make all the nuns in the convent blush, and I'd seriously question any attempt to have it shown in Philippine TV. Gawd, if they had trouble dubbing Casino, imagine having this immaculately cleaned for primetime TV. Waaahhh, nooooo. Please don't. Blasted censorship.

And since i wouldn't know how to further praise the genius that is Scorsese without having damn spoilers, i'll just say that i cried a bucket over what they did to Martin Sheen and again, MARKY MARK rules! (hahaha, spoiler.)

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