Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wow Philippines moment.

Taking advantage of Tuesday's day off, me and my aunt decided to hunt for a place for the family to spend the holidays in. First stop, PG. Originally we thought t'was a great idea. But halfway through the hour-and-a half boat ride, we decided that ending the year traversing Amihan waters between Batangas and Mindoro with 60 family members on a single outrigger was the stuff serious nightmares and bad plotted teleseryes are made off. So after we reached the still beautiful and inviting shores of Galera, we just had breakfast, and took some pictures, while waiting for the next boat back to the mainland.

With still half a day to abuse, my aunt had this nagging feeling to go to a resort well "promoted" by my uncle. Eagle point was this diver's find nestled along the coast of Anilao. Ok, i've be
en to Anilao once, the roads were hell, but the view and the waters were priceless, and since work waiting in Manila wasn't attractive, we headed off to Mabini to see the place.

The road to Eagle point was still hell, coupled with the unfathomable and well
hidden signs, the place was a burden to go to if you just intend to just leisurely lie and toast your skin for three days. But because Uncle kept pointing out the hellish trip was well worth it, we obliged.

So an hour after leaving Batangas port, with patches on single passable lanes along the way, we arrived at eagle's point parking area. A shuttle was taking us down the resort cause visitors wouldn't risk the drive down. At this point, the boat ride t
o Galera seemed a little less scary, but we were there already so to heck with it, we were up for one more adventure. After several screams down the cliff road death traps, this view welcomed us. To say that my camera phone didn't do the view justice was an obscene understatement. I swear it was another one of those rare times that I said to myself, "May ganito pala sa Pilipinas."
Eagle point is a short three hours away from Manila without any scary boat rides. It has its own freaking white sand island. One of its pools has a live shark in it. You can just jump off one of its piers and a dive point rests there. It is a panoramic orgasm, seriously. Safe to say, we were totally sold, my aunt practically wrote a check. Now, I'm just crossing my fingers, everything follows through and hope Christmas comes at a blink of an eye. Can't wait to spend it with the wacky clan in paradise.

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