Thursday, October 19, 2006

Room With a View

There are some days when you feel like can go through concrete walls, like you're some super human with super powers. Then you realize, like countless times before, you're not and you start bleeding all over. You look down to see new wounds only to find old ones ripped open, the ones you thought have healed, those that made you think you can go through walls again.

The thing is, it isn't a shocker. It happened so many times before it starts to feel normal. Bleeding old wounds starts feeling normal. You can't help but walk through walls. Because no matter how stupid as it may seem and how painful it might get, walking through walls is still a much better option than walking right by it. At least you know who'll help you fix your wounds and make everything better again. Til another one of those days.


At the end of a very crappy day, it's nice to have cheerleaders who you know will always be on your team no matter how much you bitch over and over again of the crappiest day you ever had ...again.

Thanks J. I know how it's easier for you to just laugh at my face and say "Payback's a bitch", since you have every right to do so. But you didn't, instead you pat me in my back and say tomorrow's another day. You believe i can top the stupid thing i did with even more stupid things. You're a good man dude.

Salamat P. When you asked me what was wrong, out of the blue, without me even telling you something was wrong, that you can just feel it, heck, that was something. Minsan talaga, i sincerely doubt why you share DNA with your brother, but when you start making hirits like "Pinagpapawisan ang itlog at kilikili ko sayo" i become a believer. You crack me up. I have that reaction to most Apostols. But i love you, man. Minsan, medyo oversharing ka lang, nasaskandalo ako. Hahaha.

And thanks beb. When you told me you love me more than you love life itself, it's a little OA, maybe even a little cheesy, but you know, I believe you. Mangkika.

When it comes to life's battles, i've got my own chubby private army. I may not win all the time, but who says getting bear hugs after you lost isn't a win itself. Hehehe. Beat that.

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