Sunday, October 08, 2006

There's goes another artery

I swear i thought t'was going to be a night-out from hell.

I couldn't really blame it on the usual "unplanned/spontaneous" gimiks like we used to have back in the good 'ol days. Work/boyfriends kinda screwed that route. Actually, this was more on the overly planned gimik, three weeks in the making. And in our kada's extensive "labas tayo tonight" experience, severely thought-out plans usually don't go as planned.

Ok, night out break down. After work, 6-ish for most of us, we all head our own ways to gateway, then catch a flick and have dinner, not particularly in that order. Six-ish come, I, with half my lungs working (damn you asthma) text techie if she needed a ride to gateway, me being conviniently in Makati already (yup, even asthma couldn't keep me at home). Ka-Tam kicked in, a Greenbelt-Gateway debate slightly ensued, but we sticked it out with Gateway. Tessa was about to equip Amorsolo with smoke detectors, but i was picking her up anyway. Then our designated pahtey planner, itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Yeng, came to work late and was forced to work over time, pushing the sked further into the night. Hello, half my lung isn't working kaya. Then the girl did the unthinkable, she, the one who (forgive the conyo-ness) made kulit for several weeks to go out, actually double-booked us with her boyf's night-out with his respective kada. Ay Yeng, pasaway ka, kung di lang kita mahal, nagkapatayan na tayo sa gateway.

So scrapping movie plans, we just decided to have dinner at the predesignated place. T'was this little heaven beb and i discovered in Cubao --- Butter Diner. The fact that we were hungry and it took us short of an hour to order says a lot on the excruciating choice not to indulge in gluttony and order everything ungodly in the menu. Talagang parang bibitayin na kami bukas at papipiliin kami ng last meal. But it wasn't disappointing at all. All my hype paid off. Yeng, the FHP prez, toasted our bread and burned Dale's (galit ba? hahaha), Techie hogged the strawberry butter and Maebz can now be found on Sundays worshipping their Mozarella omelette. We enjoyed everything to the last bite, save for the peanut-butter butter. Anak ng... peanut-butter butter, the name is warning enough. Pero it was a tiny glitch on an almost perfect meal. A few more years eating like this and probably we'll never get to see our thirties (woohoo! hahaha) . Pamatay meal, in more ways than one.

Well, will you look at that, turned out to be a great night after all.

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