Thursday, October 12, 2006

Team Addison

I love technology!

Grey's anatomy is my crack this year, and reading the episode guide three episodes in of season 3 practically turns my flesh and bones wobbly as jello. I didn't know blurbs can do that to me until they hinted that not only McDreamy and McVet will be gracing their yummy presence on the series but now McSteamy's gonna be in the mix. Oh.My.Gawd. Yey for Team Addison!

And since their regularly updated website has the tragedy of showing its latest full episode online for viewers in US territory only, i, the addict that i am, knew there was a loophole. There's always a kink in the system. Two days after they aired the first episode of the present season, someone, bless his/her/its soul, generously posted the whole ep chopped up on youtube. But heck, damn copyright laws, Disney had a whiff and demanded it be pulled out. Do I, the addict, give up? Ummm, no, and since limewire has been my friend for several years now, i know Limey will pull through for me. And yes, i have now watched, screamed, gone giggly over all three episodes of the current season.

I LOVE Technology!

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