Wednesday, June 20, 2007

13, 14, 16, 18, Who's Counting?

You can learn a lot of things in one crazy afternoon...

... Cebu Pacific mall outposts have seriously long queues inside. And it takes you forever to wait for a 45 second ticket fix-up.

... There are a lot of fun stuff that only adults will appreciate in toy stores. With that said, flash cards are so expensive these days. Toys, generally, are complicated and very pricey these days. Jackstones, rio rubber bands, free coke pogs and pick up sticks, those were our childhood.

... If you buy a watch, make sure it works. But if you're giving it to a beautiful 3 year old boy, he wouldn't know the difference. Wouldn't care either way too. And you'll get a sweet kiss, after.

... Mixing hot, steamy food with hot, steamy stories is...well, hot! Enough said.

... Ang karma mabilis. Minsan sa bilis, sumasakay pa ng taxi. (",)

... Sometimes, you can take the girls out of highschool, but you can never take highschool out of the girls. Mean girls once, mean girls forever. Mean, but of course, very lovable. Fair warning, if you see us in a group, and we're not particularly close, just turn and walk the other way. That's if you're not up for awkward moments. We don't care, really.

... If my future offsprings act up and screw up, I know who to call. Don't worry, Tita Che, it won't be collect. Hahaha. Ayokong matanong ni Tita Cheche. I'm scurred.

... Sheryl remembers everything. As in, EVERYTHING. If you forget past transgressions, whether forgotten accidentally or intentionally, ask She. She'll probably have a sick animated story to go with it, too.

...Old pictures are great sources of mindless laughtrips. Yearbooks are tummy ache inducing collection of stupid times. If you think you were pretty, hot and tempting during gs and hs, yearbooks will really snap you back to reality. Gawd, we were a bunch of nenes. In very compromising poses. Hahaha.

... Cheche will be forever an alamat in my books. Tessa is a close second. Panalo ang mga GSS. Mabel, anong ginagawa natin nung grade school? Nag-kli-cleaners? Hahaha.

See you soon, Cheche!

2 Hugs:

At 6/29/2007 07:55:00 PM, Blogger Fallenstar said...

Nde. Nagsusulat ako ng noisy at standing. :(

At 6/30/2007 01:53:00 AM, Blogger freefalldrifter said...

Malamang nananahimik ako sa isang tabi, para di mo ako masulat sa noisy at standing. Hahaha.


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