Sunday, June 10, 2007

There she goes...

There goes another one...

Cheche, with his beautiful boy, KC, is leaving us, heading for Guam by mid-month. Farewells are always sad occasions, but it wouldn't really do anybody good to just sob over it. So after a hefty dinner at Cheche's place, just like every milestone in our lives, we trooped off to Malate to watch Acoustic Jive.

We didn't get the "Please wear white" memo.

It was fun and crazy and we took tons of pictures. The drinks just kept coming and nobody was counting. We were downing one after another, and the waiter, the poor guy, was trying to keep up. As evident, the natural progression of drunkenness was very apparent with one picture after the next.
Bali na yung leeg ni Mabel

Pang-ilan na to?
Template smiles na ito!

We have very weird dreams.

Hookah pa tayo, pag kaya pa nating maglakad.

Tumba na si tessa.

Uyyy, Hk daw?

I can really tell when I'm with a bunch of true-blue, same-wavelength friends when we individually thought of one thing: make Che-che sing! And sang she did.

Major reality check. No matter how frequent they come by these days, I will never really get used to goodbyes. So cheche, all I can say is I know I'll be seeing you later. And please bring your bibo kid. Ihahanda na namin ang casa!

Love you, che!

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At 6/13/2007 07:58:00 AM, Blogger Justine-Justin said...

unang una... everybody looks diffrent! sobrang tagal ko na ba nawala! konting months pa lang naman ah!
pangalawang pangalawa... seemed like a fun night!!! inggit ako. balita ko may yosihan daw na naganap? yuck naman oh!
pangatlong pangatlo... hk kayo? shet. inggit!!!

wish i was there. several millions billions times.

At 6/13/2007 09:14:00 AM, Blogger freefalldrifter said...

hahaha unang una, alam mo sinabi ko rin ran, parang everybody looks different, baka iba lang ilaw sa upuan namin wala kasi kami sa harap hahaha
pangalawang pangalawa, oo meron, at hindi ko natapos dahil nahulog yung akin, nag numb kasi yung mga daliri ko, hahaha at hindi pala porket marlboro light, wala kang malalasahan, wag na lang ulit.
pangatlong pangatlo, anong inggit? sama ka kaya! pilitin mo. hehehe

wish you were there too.


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