Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anong petsa na?

Contrary to popular belief, hate to disappoint some people, but, as Pink puts it, i'm not dead!

Due to insistent public demand, well... actually just yeng's (hehehe), mag-update lang ako.

Yes, i haven't been blogging lately. My laptop's is now in an appropriate place to plant root tubers. Simply opening it would induce severe asthmatic reactions i haven't had since grade school. I just don't want to look back one day to see what happened in my April 2006 only to appear that somehow i slept my way through it. Hence, my blogging absentia could be blamed on the following circumstances.

1. Beb. Vacation time. Beb's time. Mabait na talaga ako promise. Ba't walang gustong maniwala? (hahaha)
2. Family trips. Weekends are spent out of Manila. Welcomed change of pace. No laptops allowed. Suprisingly, i'm comfortable with that. Why blog, when you can eat all-you-can?
3. Pa-nga-nga-reer. I've been trying to be a good girl and work my butt off. I've purposely averted my computer to save myself from pondering on my unproductive use of my time sitting in front of this damn time-consuming monster than work to make much needed moolah.
4. Gulong ng Palad, Sa Piling Mo, and my most recent source of perversion, Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition. Kapamilya talaga all the way. Jologs/Addict/Couch Potato? Please classify me accordingly. Eh ang saya eh! Pwera lang Panday. Nakakamiss si FPJ.
5. The weather. Ang ENET! It's very hard to sit still in this mind melting weather. You'll end up leaving a puddle when you finally had the energy to get up from your spot. Actually suffered heatstroke early this month. Could have sworn that my brain turned into a smoothie. Kahit anong sipol mo wala talagang hangin. Kawawa naman si beb napapagod na, kasalanan ko ba na di ako marunong sumipol?
6. Happiness. I've finally found my happy place. Mahirap mag blog pag wala kang angst. There are problems, of course, pero everything seems trivial now. Personal motto lately, This too shall pass. God is my co-pilot. Seriously. Try it. Good for your health.

I'll try to post more about my last excuse on my following entries. I feel like oversharing, so consider yourself warned. Need to pack now because i'll be leaving in a few hours. There, more stories to tell when the weekend's over. Wish me a safe trip.

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