Wednesday, February 16, 2005

have you seen my nose?

A day of unexplainable crying will get you somewhere all right. I'm sick. I didn't go to work. I'm going to be poor. So, in my world, this is an excuse to rant. So here i go...

I'm fat. There. It's out in the universe. I can't take it back. I'm always bloated. Now, this is the weird part. I wake up wafer-thin, but the moment i drink my first glass, i inflate like a balloon. I don't know if this is all water weight (this is me in denial). I've been known to chug down 2 liters of water in one sitting. I am one thirsty girl. My ex-roomates used to call me "pato" in the condo, just because i love water (or maybe I have a very envyable butt. hahaha.). Well, i call it water, but my very loving sister calls it "gas". So i'm fat and gassy. Life is damn good.

I've been telling my friend that I've been considering obliterating my blog. It's been nearly a month since i've started blogging (again) and since then, i've observed nobody talks to me anymore. They just read my blog. Bakit ba naman kailangan pa akong kausapin, eh nandyan na lahat. Wala na akong tinago. hahaha. People, i'm still alive. Someone you love still writes this crap. Talk to me. I miss human contact. hahaha. Anyways, i decided to forego any major annihilation of my blog. I'm still too narcissistic to do that.

Ok, I have to drug myself now.

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