Thursday, February 03, 2005

someday, i'll dance

i love reruns... especially those i religiously watch way back when i don't have a clue on what they're saying half the time. So everyday, at five in the afternoon, i sit on my bed and watch Ally. Yes, Ally Mcbeal, the girl who stood up for everything a somewhat successful single young professional is during the 90's. Ahh, 90's, as if it was ages ago. I used to think there was nothing to be aspired for with this wacky girl. She was never together. She chases imaginary dancing babies, dances to her "theme song", have wackos to treat her less-than-sane mind. But now, because of my addiction to reruns, i realize there was more to this girl that what i thought of her before. Yes, she is still all that, neurotic as always. But who isn't? Maybe, i just arrived in that point in one's so-called-life that nothing really makes sense, and even if you try to make sense out of it, it can all change in a snap of a finger, then nothing will make sense again. You rationalize and rationalize, but all rationalizing will always be in vain. Then, you meet the Allys' in the world, and you begin to wish you are them. They dance to the beat of their own drum, see unicorns, get to talk with those they love that has passed on, and do not fail to believe, to wait for what is theirs all along... They're never constrained with the norm.They break free, trample on, and burn the box society has made for them. They will always seem lonely, and empty and lost, but nobody will ever be richer, and happier, and more hopeful than them. And you begin to wish you could see unicorns, chase those damn dancing babies, and dance...just dance.

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