Wednesday, February 02, 2005

S.O.B. etc.etc.

sorry, need to release a few negative energy. i don't understand why people have to ruin such nice little families. fine, we all have dysfunctional families, but do we need to add more dysfunction to it as it is. I just wish that somebody take this to heart and pick up a very valuable lesson. I don't really care if my niece grows up lacking something in her life. Somehow, it think she's better off. It pains me to see those i love being hurt. I can conceive of at least eight ways of ruining his life, although i think the first one's got to do it. And i don't even like the person the first time i laid eyes on him. I smelled a rat. And god knows, i'll lose the 50 grand in fear factor because of those pesky rodents. I hate them. I hate him. Ok, hate is such a harsh word, but believe me, it fits. I just hope everything will be better. For the sake of everybody's sanity. Ok, that's done... am back to my calm, happy self...

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